Something I think almost all Americans can get behind is creating more jobs here at home and reducing pollution into the environment.  At American Auto Movers, we are not scientist so we can’t prove if the green house effect is real or not, but what we do know is that lots of people driving with fossil fuels does create pollution and some green options for truck drivers and auto movers would help bring jobs here in the US.  Those are things we think most Americans can support.  It still isn’t clear if hydrogen, natural gas, biodiesel or a combination of those will end up being the source of fuel for the future generation.  Obviously politics, like most major changes, will play a role to some degree.  North America has a very large supply of natural gas as well as Russia.  This is something many Americans are leaning towards because it would bring a lot of jobs from overseas to the US specifically for the reason of using this fuel.  Research is being done by many large corporations to decide what will be the most useful fuel and have the least amount of environmental damages.  Regardless of what direction the transport industry takes on the matter the team at American Auto Movers is excited to see where this takes us.