Alaska Auto Transport

One of the many things that we specialize in at American Auto Movers is Alaska auto transport. All of our Alaska shipments are typically moved between Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington on a boat. We can then move your automobile to another city from the port with one of our car transporters. With us taking care of your move of your vehicle you will always have someone to call and find out the status of where your vehicle is and confirm the estimated delivery date so you can be without concern.

The Alaska auto shipping lines do have specific windows for delivery and pickup at the port in Seattle or Anchorage. Having your vehicle arrive too early to the port or leaving your car at the port too long after it has arrived in can result in fees. As part of our service, we have local carriers at the port that can pick up and deliver your car if needed so you can be sure to avoid any unnecessary fees. We also have a local service in Alaska to deliver your car to other major cities such as Fairbanks for your convenience.

We have many customers ask us why do you transport the cars on ships to Alaska, why not just drive through Canada? While we do handle shipments to Canada, the main reason we do not go through Canada with Alaska freight is to avoid lengthy customs checks when entering and leaving Canada. This saves you, our valued customer, time and money when you choose American Auto Movers for your Alaska car shipping needs.

There are special requirements to keep in mind when considering shipping you car between Alaska and the lower forty eight:

  • US Coast Guard regulations require that auto transports to Alaska shall be tendered with less than l/4 tank of fuel in the vehicle. If there is more fuel, the fuel tank will likely be drained at the owner's expense.
  • The vehicle registration should remain in the vehicle and be available at the time of auto transport to Alaska.
  • The keys must remain in the ignition, and the doors remain unlocked. All compartments of the vehicle must be accessible while on the ship for Alaska auto transport.
  • Unfortunately you are not allowed to pack goods in your vehicle while it is being transported.

Give American Auto Movers at (866) 393-2907 a call and let us take the burden off of you with a stress free smooth transport.

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