Types of

Auto Haulers

There are a variety of auto haulers that are on the road and often customers are confused which type of hauler will be transporting their vehicles. There are a large variety because there is such a huge variety of cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. There are 3 main categories of trucks used for auto hauling:

  • Typical 7-10 car car carrier:
    This is the most commonly used auto hauler because of its size and capability to pull multiple cars which reduces the overall fuel consumption of the truck considering the number of vehicles. These trucks you will commonly see at car dealerships they have two levels of cars and sometimes SUVs and are also used by long haul drivers who are going coast to coast or up and down the coast.
  • 3-4 car wedge or deck haulers:
    These are typically used for shorter runs inside of a state or for a hot shot run. Hot shot runs are when a set of cars needs to be moved at a quicker time frame and since these smaller trucks tend to be faster on the road and will have less delays for pickup and delivery of vehicles. As well these trailers are ideal for lifted or tall vehicles that are not very heavy in weight. A good example of what would be an ideal choice for this trailer is a pickup truck with larger tires and a 6 inch body lift. That truck would have a hard time fitting on the standard car haulers, but would easily fit on a truck of this size. The reason for this is that most states have a height regulation for trucks that do vehicle hauling. They typically require them to be under 13 ft 6 inches.
  • Low boy or drop deck:
    These are large or heavy automobile hauling. For example if you were moving a armored SUV that weighed 20,000 lbs it would be dangerous to ship that on a smaller trailer. Using the proper auto hauler can sometimes be a more expensive option but will always be the safer choice. Trying to ship a heavy vehicle like this on a small trailer could result in the trailer breaking and damaging your vehicle while in transport.

If you have other questions about what type of auto hauler would be right for you, please call our office and speak with one of our representatives and they will be able to assist you with any further question you have regarding transporting your vehicle.