Auto Shippers


The process for shipping cars is very confusing for people and often causes concerns. It is important to know that most auto shippers are the same, but there are some differences that are important to know when you are making your decision of what company to use. Here is a breakdown of the main steps you will go through when you are making your choice:

This is the one point where most companies will vary on HOW they setup your booking for vehicle shipping. Some companies will require a deposit when you make your initial reservation with them. This is something we do not advise you to do as historically companies charging deposits do not have the best reputation on keeping their word. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but it is always best to look up the company, prior to scheduling a booking, on a reputable website like the Better Business Bureau. It is important to see how many complaints they have had in the last several years and how long they have been in business. Often this is a part of the process most people overlook because they are given a "great price" by a companies sales dept.

Loading and BOL:
The BOL is a Bill of Lading which is a sheet that the driver will have with him when he arrives to pickup your car. On the BOL will be a picture of a car and he will use that to do an inspection of your vehicle. He will mark any pre-existing scratches and dings in your car, so it is best to have it clean when the driver arrives so they can properly inspect the vehicle. After the inspection the driver of car shipper will have you sign the BOL which confirms the condition of your vehicle and authorizes them to take your shipment to its new destination.

Unloading and Payment:
When the driver arrives to deliver you car, the driver will require you to pay the COD amount before unloading your vehicle. If it was already prearranged that it was not going to be a COD shipment and you had already prepaid or was arranged then this step will not matter. However, a major detail that most people fail to do is to inspect their vehicle on delivery. Most damage that is created by a vehicle shippers are obvious. A minor scratch or ding are typically pre-existing but you never really looked over the car well and most likely will be on the BOL inspection. But it is important to give your car a good look over for anything new. After you sign the BOL that you received your car you will not have any legal right for recourse if you later discover damage as that could easily have been something created after you received your vehicle. Good luck with your shipment and if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call.