Moving to Hawaii

Planning on moving to Hawaii?  Not sure what is involved?  Well we are going to give you a few tips to help make the move easier.  First, we advise you to check out some of the various blogs on local Hawaiian blogs going over which island is best for you and then figure out the costs and ensure you will be able to live there.  If you have done that then you just need to work out your move.  Cars can be expensive on the Islands so often it is worth it to take your car you have now vs selling your car and buying a new one out there.  However, for your furniture, it may be different.  For example Hawaiian homes generally use lots of windows and the breeze to keep you cool.  Now if you have leather couches or chairs, they will generally not sustain well in that type of climate.  We are not professional on household items though, we specialize in cars and car shipping.  Anyway, do your research on the cost of a similar car in Hawaii and more times than not it is cheaper to ship it.  Now, as we always mention when you are getting quotes, be sure you research the companies who are quoting you.  There are plenty of scams that occur in this industry so utilize the Better Business Bureau to ensure you are getting quotes from companies who are honest.


car shipping sites

Not all car shipping sites are the same.  There are two main categories they fall into.  Actually companies and lead generating sites.  Part of the confusion for must customers looking to ship a car, is to find a legitimate company with a good reputation to ship their car.  As people go through the internet they generally aim to get 3-4 quotes for companies and then move compare their prices.  Unfortunately, the internet has numerous sites which appear to be companies, but in actuality are then selling your contact information to 5-10 different companies.  This is something consumers are used to, comparing 5-7 prices on one site, an example of that would be cheap tickets.  The difference between the two is that if you go on cheap tickets comparing prices someone from a basement run home office isn’t going to be calling you telling you why they are better than another airline.  These lead generating sites often open the door for fly-by-night companies to arrive and quote out large amounts of quotes to people without taking the care to get them an accurate number, but just to see how much they can sell.  This is not always the case, but my advise would to be to stick with 4 or 5 quotes from sites on the internet where they are an actual company.  Where you can confirm their credentials and years in business BEFORE giving away your email and cell number.  As always we have car shipping tips on our site which would be helpful for anyone looking for the service so they can make an educated choice.  Of course, we are not the only reputable companies, there are many, but it is important you do that homework before selecting which car shipping company you want.


present for shipping

A question often asked is “Do I need to be present at time of loading, because I own the car?”  No.  You are able to have anyone of your choosing at pickup and delivery.  We are not responsible to check the registration to the owner.  One the pickup of the car ensure that the person who is there, has the keys and some time to do the inspection with the driver.  The driver will inspect your car and mark any pre-existing damage with you.  The car will be covered under the cargo insurance of the driver for any damages he creates while it is on the auto transport trailer.  Something we have discussed earlier in the blogs to keep in mind, while it is rare, if there is an act of nature like a tornado or hail storm that damages your car, that is not something we are liable for and your personal insurance will cover that. Or if there is road debris that kicks up, and that is also a very rare occurrence.  Just as for during delivery, you do not need to be present as the owner of the car.  Just insure whoever is, has the COD payment for the driver if that is applicable and is at a location where the truck can safely get to and unload.


selling car transport leads

Some car shipping tips that you should keep in mind when you are looking for quotes, is be sure the companies you are calling to get quotes from are actually companies that ship cars and not lead generating sites.  Often there are sites that rank high on Google and appear to be a car transport company.  However, often these sites are strictly used to sell leads to what are often fly-by-night companies because they do not appear on Google because they continually change their name.  Of course, this is not applicable to all companies who receive these leads but often our customers tell us they were mislead and thought they were getting a quote from one company and then started to receive numerous emails, text messages and calls from people being hard sold into accepting the quote.  As always do your home, look for yourself how long they have been in business on the BBB.  It is going to cost you some time upfront, but generally the headache saved will be worth it in the end.


car transport west to east

Throughout the year changes occur with demand which has a big effect on the pricing in the industry.  For the last few months there has been a large surplus of cars going from the east coast to California and Arizona.  The strange thing isn’t the demand to ship a car west, it is that there are hardly any people who want to transport east.  What is happening is the shady companies are taking advantage of this buy continuing to quote low prices to the west coast and charge a deposit and never load the cars.  However anything going east is cheaper than normal because our trucks need to get to that coast where the premium rates are.  As always, we recommend you do your homework when shipping a car and check out our car shipping tips there are many reputable companies but unfortunately people tend to be excited by the cheap prices of the scam companies.


car shipping from Hawaii

Car shipping TO Hawaii is generally much safer than FROM Hawaii because it is much harder for companies to change the pricing.  A common issue with Hawaii car transport is that a shipping company can lure in customers with promises of extremely cheap pricing and ask them to prepay for the shipment. Often Americans take quotes, both written and verbal, from companies as legitimate quotes and rarely question the legitimacy of the company.  Unfortunately some companies take advantage of that.  Here is an example of how they do that while shipping FROM Hawaii to the mainland.  After they have quoted the price to you and your car is on the boat headed to the port they inform you they accidentally underquoted the price to take your car from the port to the destination.  From the time your car arrives at the port there are only 5 days (on average depending on the port) to get it picked up or you have to pay port storage fees.  There is not a lot of time to waste and they know this and since they have control of your car you can either fight with them which they are prepared for or just allow them to charge you more money.  A simple way to avoid this is to do your homework before you choose the company.  Check and see how many years they have been in business and what kind of reputation they have on the Better Business Bureau.  From that you can better educate yourself on how they generally conduct business and what your experience will be like.

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