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Facebook Page

We wanted to let everyone know we have a Facebook page.  We thought it would be good for people who aren’t moving a car now, but may need it in the future to join our fan club and if they need that service, instead of hunting around, they can go to their Facebook page and there we would be and you could simply give us a call.  You can find our page a few different ways.  There is a link on the right side of our blog that goes straight to the page.  You can search American Auto Movers in the search bar inside Facebook, or you can simply type in

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Cash for Clunker Cars

WIth the coming of the cash for clunkers program, many thought it would bring a lot of business for auto shipping throughout North America.  Something that was not commonly known was that in an effort to prevent these “clunkers” from going back on the road, the dealerships are required to pour a chemical into the motors that causes the engine to be rendered useless.  As the program comes to an end, the dealerships are looking to local auto transporters to help them remove these inoperable vehicles from the dealership’s parking lot.  The program was a success however in boosting the number of new cars purchased which has helped to get some of the “gas guzzlers” off the road.  What it going to take quite some time to determine is the long term effects of the program and how it has effected the economy.  For right now, dealerships are interested to get these old beat up cars off their lots for their new cars coming in.


Transporting inoperable cars

Occasionally we are asked if we can transport a car for a customer even though the car does not run.  One of the most important factors for the customer should know when he calls to get a quote is if the car rolls, breaks and steers.  These three factors are very important when you are considering car transport for a non-running vehicle.  On some trailers are mounted winches and these winches can be used to haul the car onto and off the trailer.  However, if the car, for example, does not roll because the wheels are rusted, other additional equipment will be needed in order to move the car.  In some cases a roll-back, commonly known as a wrecker, will have to come out and actually drag the car onto the trailer in order for auto shipping to actually occur.

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Why we blog

We noticed there was a lot of incorrect information being spread throughout the auto transport industry. We felt that it was important to enlighten and educate the consumers with facts about how things actually work in the car shipping business.  Of course we would like people to choose us to service these needs, but we also want to improve the overall image and reputation of the industry and part of that is educating consumers so they don’t choose the company with a bad reputation and don’t have a horrible experience.  We hope the information on the blogs will be useful for you and you are able to make an educated decision on which company to use for your transporting, whether it be us or not.  If you have any questions about one of our blog posts or just want to understand more about how our industry works feel free to call our office anytime and speak with one of our representatives or ask a question on the blog.  We would be happy to hear from you.


Open or Enclosed Auto Transport

People often call our office unsure if they want to transport their vehicle in an enclosed trailer or on an open trailer. They are under the illusion that transporting with an enclosed auto transport is the only option if they want their car to arrive safely.

You should use this service if your vehicle is a valuable exotic that shouldn’t be exposed to the elements, like a new Ferrari or Aston Martin. Another scenario is when your vehicle has high end modifications like a custom paint job or is a restored classic.

Typically the main difference between the two will be that if your car is shipped enclosed it will arrive clean and on one of our open trailers it may come in dirty. In the wintertime, if you’re shipping through an area that has snow, keep in mind the salt that will be on the highways. If that’s a concern for you, ask for an enclosed truck to handle your move.

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One of the biggest issues that people face in choosing an auto transport company is finding someone reliable. Make the decision without doing some research, and it could be a nightmare. There are several steps one can take in order to have confidence in the choice of a company. Most people will call a few companies and receive a variety of quotes with inconsistent costs. Price should not be the determining factor when shipping your car!

Overall cost is important, but only one key aspect to consider! Another important factor is the number of complaints against the company, as well as how long they‘ve been in business. All of this information can be found by looking up the company at the Better Business Bureau. These steps are often overlooked when choosing a company.

Do this and you can rest easy knowing you have chosen a reliable partner for your car transport needs!

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