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Happy Birthday us

Today American Auto Movers, Inc. officially turned three years old.  When we started three years ago the founder wanted  to create a company that had a good reputation and specialized in taking care of their customers and we are proud of what we have created to date.  Earlier we had a meeting and discussed the growth of the company and lessons learned since we started.  This year, 2009, has been an interesting year for us, dealing with the effects of the US economic problems on the car industry and our hard push for growth.  We have made tremendous growth considering the circumstances of the year and we are looking forward to some exciting in 2010.  We will keep you posted as some of them become official.  Thank you to those of you who are following our blog and our loyal customer base.

Car transport options

Being that there are a large variety of vehicles on the road, there has to be a large variety of car transporters on the road as well to handle them.  Rarely will there be any car or vehicle that can’t be moved by a carrier.  In some instances, it would be more cost effective to drive the vehicle, and this is often the case when you have a large or oversized vehicle and it needs to be transported a short distance.  A short distance can be Los Angeles to San Diego or San Francisco.  This isn’t necessarily the case for a regular cars, but typically large vehicles require special trailers and can make the price of transport unreasonable when factoring in the vehicle can be driven for a fraction of the price.  An important fact to consider when you call a company looking for car transport is that sometimes after they deliver your vehicle, they will have to drive several hundred miles to pickup the next unit.  This is sometimes not considered by customers when they are getting a quote.

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Car shipping damage

Whenever you receive your car after any type of auto shipping, one of the most important things you can do is inspect it. Sometimes people are so happy to get their vehicle back they fail to look it over and they simply sign the Bill of Lading, pay the driver and are on their way.  It is abnormal for there to be damage caused by an auto shipper that isn’t very noticeable.  Usually damage caused during transport is a major dent or something of that nature.  If you sign the Bill of Lading and go about your day and a day or two later you look at your car and say….”Wait, that dent wasn’t there before” it is too late.  Understandably, as a car shipping company, we do not want to pay for damages we weren’t responsible for and after a couple of days there is no way to say it was or wasn’t the carrier who caused the damage.  It could have easily happened at work or the grocery store where someone could have easily accidentally done that.  On delivery, if you notice the damage on the car, the most important thing you can do is make sure it is noted on the Bill of Lading, on your copy and the drivers.  If it is something minor like a small dent, it is best to resolve it right there.  Speak with the driver, ball park an estimate on the price, lets say $200 and take that from the total amount you were going to pay him on delivery.  This puts the issue to rest immediately and while it will be an inconvenience for you to get it repaired, it is better than trying to call the driver and get him to send you a check after you had an official estimate.

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Transporting heavy vehicles

This posting is going to be much more relevant to some of you than others, but for those of you who do have heavy large vehicles, hopefully it will be educational.  When you call a car shipping company and you need help transporting your large and/or heavy vehicle, having the exact dimensions is very important.  The weight and height are going to be the main things that determine what kind of trailer is needed to handle the move.  The tallest a vehicle can be on the road, for most states, is 13ft 6inches.  If the vehicle you need moved is, lets say 10,000 lbs, that is something that a regular small transport truck can handle.  The driver’s trailer will be able to take the weight of a unit only weighing 10,000 lbs and the the truck/tractor pulling it will have enough power to get it moved.  However, if you have a armored vehicle that weighs in at 20,000 lbs, only certain auto transport trailers will be equipped to handle a shipment like that.  A heavy load of that size is assigned to lowboy trailers or step-deck trailers.  Those trailers have the proper infrastructure to handle the weight of a unit like that.  Because the limited amount of freight that can be moved on lowboy trailers, the rate is high and space is a premium.  The rate will generally vary from $3-$7 per mile driven.


Transport time

The question of time your car will be in transit after it is picked up is very broad.  A rule of thumb on a coast to coast transport will be 7-10 days roughly.  From the midwest to the west coast will tend to be 5 - 7 days and from the central time zone to the Pacific 3-5 days would be a fair estimate on the time frame.  The best way to get a proper prediction is to speak to the driver when he loads your vehicle and ask him or talk with the representative who scheduled the initial booking.  Generally all auto shippers will give you the same general ballpark as it is very hard to predict a time when several thousand miles are involved.  Keep in mind, these truckers are driving several hundred miles a day, there can be issues of getting flat tires or issues with the truck having a breakdown.  A safe rule is to plan on the higher side of the day window and if it arrives early you will be pleasantly surprised.

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