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Aston Martin Cygnet

I never thought Aston Martin would deviate from their beautiful high end luxury sports car. To many people the name, Aston Martin, symbolizes characters like James Bond so to see them create a car resembling the smart car is amazingly shocking. Many of you have seen the Smart Car made by Mercedes. However Mercedes left their name off of the car to keep their branding in line with their traditional cars. Aston Martin decided to take a different method on their new vehicle. Their new automobile has the traditional Aston Martin logo and Aston Martin rear lights. It is expected this new Aston will become available in 2010/2011 and it is estimating its price around $40,000. The manufacturer has said they already have interest from many current Aston Martin owners.


Hybrid Car

Falling in line with many of the other car manufacturers, Audi has developed a hybrid for its largest sedan the A8. This sedan will be “fuel efficient” for its size, however since the traditional A8 is not a big seller here, Audi will not be bringing the car to the US at this time for sale. For now the cars will be sold in Europe as its main marketplace. However, Mercedes will be selling their S400 which is in the same class as the Audi A8. Since the S class Mercedes is a much higher selling car, the will be brining their hybrid to market here in the US. Reviews on the handling of the vehicle are great. We are glad to see the research happening to make advancements possible.


F1 Season

This weekend is the start of the 2010 F1 Auto Racing season. There are several interesting things about this year that should be noted. First, is the return of 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher. He will be driving the Mercedes car with his old team partner from Ferrari Ross Braun. Another change is that this year there will be no refueling of the cars which means the fuel efficiency of the cars will be key. Marketing plays a huge role in this industry just like any other major sporting event. Mercedes is a German owned team and both of their drivers are German. The Ferrari team is being driven by a Brazilian and Spaniard, both latin. And the English McLaren team is being driven by two English drivers. This is the first time in years that this has been the case and with the changes it promises to be an exciting auto racing season.

Prototype Ferrari

At the most recent car show in Geneva I was surprised to see some changes from manufacturers I never thought would happen. One main example is the new 599 Ferrari; they have created a prototype version of the car that is a hybrid. These cars aren’t daily drivers anyway, so they do not normally get many miles put on them. However, it is the belief of Ferrari that in the future they will be more environmentally friendly. One of the things I am going to be wondering about is if this new Ferrari is going to have the old Ferrari sound that separates it from most other cars on the road. I am sure our drivers are looking forward to getting the call for enclosed car transport of one of these cars when they make it to America.


New York Auto Transport

We wanted to give some pointers to the residents of New York when they are considering New York auto transport. The points we are going to make are more for those who live or are planning to use an auto transport service into the city of New York or Long Island. It is a common practice for most car transport companies that are doing long haul runs to or from New York to use a terminal in New Jersey. An example would be if you had planned to have your car transported from San Diego to Manhattan. The process would be, in some cases, for your car to be picked up and delivered to a terminal in New Jersey and from there be delivered to on a smaller truck to your house. If you are looking to cut or reduce costs and ever have reason to go to New Jersey often you can cut some costs by picking it up from the terminal. Doing this can save you, on average $50-$100 so if that is worth it for you then it may be something to consider when you are trying to cut costs. If you are moving your car from dead end routes such as The Hamptons, be sure to keep flexible on your pickup windows as most carriers try to plan to find vehicles to replace the ones they are picking up and dropping off so it is not a one way trip. When you call our office ask for an auto transport quote with both options so you can compare and make your decision.

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