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Florida Auto Transport

Florida is the founding state for American Auto Movers. Because the state is the southeast corner of the US, it is a major car shipping hub for carriers. Luckily for those looking to arrange car transport into or out of the Sunshine State, Florida is a state that is an origin point for auto haulers going to almost every area in the US. Of course certain cities, like Miami, can be difficult for drivers to navigate because of the immense traffic and being a huge port destination. Often our residents that live the the keys will meet our drivers and pickup their car there because of the surcharges down into that area. Because the amount of cars to and from the keys is minimal, typically those customers requesting transport down there have to pay a round trip rate for the driver which can be very expensive, especially if your car is going somewhere like key west. Give us a call and we will be happy to get you a rate for either way for your Florida auto transport.

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Auto Movers Schedule

A request that people make to us is if we can do specific pickup or delivery dates. In some cases this is possible as part of our normal service because we have drivers almost daily in some areas of the US. In other major cities we can make this happen but typically there will be an additional fee for such a service. In order to ensure a guaranteed delivery date, one of our auto movers who is doing the long haul portion of the transport needs to get your vehicle into the city usually 1-3 days prior to the scheduled or desired delivery date. Then, that terminal will have one of its local drivers bring the car to you on that day. This local terminal service is where the additional fee comes in.
The same thing applies for the pickup of your car on a given day, if our driver happens to be passing through that city on that day and time it will load directly on the truck. However, that is rare so we typically have a local terminal go and pickup your car and safely store it until we can be there to have it loaded onto our auto carriers.

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Muscle Car Fuel Economy Battle

Well who would have thought the day would come where muscle car manufacturers would be fighting over fuel economy along with horse power. Well it has started between major manufacturers Ford and Chevrolet with their Mustang and Camaro respectively.

Chevrolet Camaro

Until now Ford’s entry muscle car have been winning in both departments, horse power and fuel economy, and that has some executives and Chevy concerned. In order to remedy this they have worked our a way they will be able to surpass Ford. While the executive who gave the press conference didn’t report exactly when they were going to release the new and improved muscle car, he noted the 2011 Camaro will be arriving shortly. The rivalry between the two manufacturers to not only compete on performance but also fuel efficiency is a great step

2011 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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Police Cars

Many of you will start to see a change in the law enforcement cars on the road now compared to what it has been for the last decade. Many people identify the Ford’s Crown Vic model with police cars and rightly so as well over half of the police units in the US are Crown Vics. However, this is looking to change. Ford has redesigned their cars adding in extra benefits for safety for our law enforcement. They have downsized the engine to make it more fuel efficient and added a turbo-charger to avoid losing any horsepower. This new police car is going to have to compete with several other major manufacturers now such as the Dodge Charger and the Chevy Caprice. It is nice to see that Ford is looking for ways to redesign their vehicles to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the cost for the operations of each department. Now it will be up to the law enforcement to decide which vehicle they want their units to have.

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