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Auto Transport Cost

Determining the price of car transport varies based on if it is on an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. On an enclosed auto transport, the price is typically based on the actual miles driven with your vehicle. Based on fuel that rate per mile will change, and based on the distance the rate per mile will come down. Most enclosed trucks have a minimum, so even if you are moving your car 10 minutes on an enclosed trailer, there will be a minimum fee depending on the company. On an open car transport the rate is calculated totally differently. Open trailer rates are more based on a given route. For example, the rate Texas to Florida can often be less expensive that from Florida to Texas. Things like, fuel, supply & demand and availability are all factors that are considered when going on an open transport. As long as you have a good carrier and you them what you are wanting to achieve you should not have a problem despite who you go with.

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Cheap Car transport

Often we hear people that are looking for the cheapest auto transport quote when they are searching for a company to help them with their car shipping. There are a few things that we have constantly heard over the years that we think it is important to pass along to consumers. First and most important is check out the reputation of these companies who are talking about these “great rates.” From our experience companies with these rates are often either very new in business and under bid the prices from lack of experience, or have a reputation for misrepresentation. The best way is to look for yourself on the Better Business Bureau. The second vital point is make sure if you do decide to let one of these companies book a shipment for you that you do NOT prepay anything to them. They often say it is their company policy, and the reason for that is once they have a couple hundred dollars from you, they know you will not want to cancel and forfeit that money quickly.

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College Car Shipping

An option to consider if your kids are going to college somewhere far away outside the state, is to have them fly there and arrange for car shipping to their university. This option is not applicable for every student, of course, most of those in state would be better off to make the short commute themselves. However, if your son or daughter is going cross country or even several hundred miles away, it may give you some peace of mind knowing they aren’t driving tired or having to make such a long trip alone. Give us a call and let us give you an auto transport quote and then you can make the safest decision for your child on getting them safely to college.

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Hawaii Car Transport

Hawaii car transport is simple to arrange from several major cities on the west coast of the US. One of the most common locations to ship your car is from Long Beach, CA. However, if you are sending your car from Hawaii and you are not the one who will be picking it up at the port, be sure that you have hired a reliable car transporter to handle the move. Our experience has been that people who hired unexperienced or unreliable car shipping companies end up having to pay fines for their car sitting at the port past the allowable time. If the Hawaii car shipping company you hire does not show up to get your car from the port after the allowed days there will be a fine. Later if you cancel with that transporter, you will have to pay for your ground transport and for the extra days for the shipping company to hold your car. Transport time can be significantly different depending on which island you are shipping from and to because some islands require a barge because it is not conducive for large ships.

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