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Fuel Economy Three

Do aftermarket parts such as air-filters help improve my car’s miles per gallon?

Surprisingly this is no longer the case, unless you are driving a much older car.  It was something that was once true for but since the invention and mass use of the fuel-injection engine, it is just another myth.  Often after market companies will use this as a gimmick to get consumers to pay additional amounts for car parts that are really unnecessary.  There has been extensive research done by a variety of companies and none of them found that making these changes improved the automobiles mpg.  Unless you have a heavy pulling truck that you use to transport things, it is really of minimal advantage to you to have make these “improvements.”


Alaska Auto Transport

The main port of entry and exit from the continental US for Alaska auto transport is Seattle, Wa. There are several stops that can be made for shipping your car to Alaska. Of course, Anchorage is the main stop, but also customers have asked for Alaska car shipping to more remote areas that we service such as Kodiak or Dutch Harbor. If you are looking to have a car brought to an inland location such as Fairbanks, that is also possible for an additional fee. A piece of advise we give to people when they call in is to be sure to do the proper research on the company you are considering before choosing them to ship your car. We recommend you look at the Better Business Bureau before choosing your company.

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Motorcycle ABS

Honda was the first motorcycle to have ABS, anti-lock braking system, on their street bikes. The reason this is such a major advancement is that it prevents riders from locking up their tires and losing control. This new feature will also help with riders who are riding in wet conditions. When several test riders attempted to lock up their wheels they found they were unable to. This technology will definitely save lives. The main feature of the ABS is that it helps to distribute the actual braking power to the front and rear tires. Very often riders will apply too much to one or the other either resulting in the riders back tire coming off the ground or fishtailing. Either one of those can be extremely dangerous at high speeds.

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Fuel Economy Two

Do I need to warm up your automobile before driving it?

No!  Cars today are built with the expectation that you will be starting them up and start moving.  There are some expectations when these would be necessary, but generally people know if they have a vehicle like that.  Some turbo diesel engines need to be warmed up so they can properly operate.  Also motorcycles generally are warmed up because they are high-performance and therefore driving them hard immediately after starting them can damage the engine.  However, it will not effect the fuel economy, besides a lot of motorcycles are getting 50 miles to the gallon, more or less, so a few minutes idling would not be the same as letting your V-8 sit for 5 minutes to get warm.


California Car Shipping

There are two main entrance and exit routes with regards to California auto shipping companies. By far the southern california route is more commonly traveled for several reasons. First, typically the fuel costs in southern california are much less and there is a larger amount of vehicles in southern california which means most carriers can avoid the additional fuel costs to get their vehicles. Another reason is the northern route out of the state through Interstate 80 can have bad weather throughout the year and the more mountainous roads which result in less fuel economy for the drivers. For this reason, typically cars coming into or going out of the northern parts of California are more expensive for customers. It is also less common for there to be carriers in the area to pickup a vehicles on short or no notice.

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fuel economy one

Is it better to leave a car running than turn it off?

A very common misconception people have is that it takes a large amount of fuel to start your engine.  Because of that often people will leave their cars running instead of turning them off when they are planning to sit idle for several minutes.  Depending on the type of car you have and the size of the engine, you will waste roughly one half gallon a fuel per hour while your car is idling.  This may not seem like much, but considering the cost of fuel, leaving your car when you are not moving can be very wasteful.  It has been so wasteful that in some areas people are starting campaigns to prevent people from doing this.  It is a simple way you can keep your wallet full and help the environment.


Car Transport Payment

Most of the time when you are looking to ship a car, you are asked to pay part of the payment on a credit card, and the balance COD to the driver. There are several reasons that companies ask you to pay COD or Cash On Delivery, one of which is for the driver to always have cash in the truck. While drivers are on the road they often use the cash to pay for their fuel, which can be very expensive. Driver’s also use this cash when they have minor breakdowns or need a new tire. Another reason for paying COD instead of putting it all on the credit card is that when a car transport company processes a credit card they are charged a percentage of what they charge. Since it is a competitive industry they try to avoid paying any fees that are not necessary. The only time you should be concerned about payment is if the company is asking you to pay a deposit prior to pickup as sometimes these companies are not reputable and can lead to difficulties for you later down the road with getting your car moved.

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