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Car Transport Hubs

Car transport hubs are a very efficient way to help customers and carriers accomplish the desired result.  Pickup and delivery is the areas where schedules and time tables need to be matched up and that is why there is typically the most problems.  In some cases drivers arrive to a city ready to deliver the car and the customer is not there or not ready to receive it.  Often this is failure from the driver calling the customer to coordinate a time early enough that the customer can make arrangements.  Using the hub allows the drivers time to call ahead and coordinate a time to make delivery.  If the customer is not ready to receive the car, it is simply not loaded onto the truck for delivery.  In this scenario everyone wins more often than not.

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Car Transport Scams

A recent scam has been going on with companies and we wanted to make consumers aware of it.  Like most scams there are a lot of variations but the main points we are going to hit on will help educate you as a consumer so you can make an educated choice when searching for a car transport company.  Some companies have been quoting very low prices to customers and asking them to “reserve the spot on the truck” with a credit card deposit.  In some cases this is legitimate however, it is important you look up the companies like this on the Better Business Bureau to ensure they don’t have too many complaints and have been in business for several years.  Some companies continually change their name to have a “fresh start” but continue the same mode of behavior when it comes to handling customers and their money.


Car Transport Prep

One of the most important things customers can do safeguard themselves is to give their car a light spray down prior to the car transport arriving to load the vehicle.  The reason behind this is that a clean car will allow the truck driver and the customer to properly inspect the vehicle before loading.  Small dings and dents are much harder to spot on a dirty car and in some cases the drivers will mark the car “as is” if the vehicle is too dirty to properly inspect because they do not want to be held liable for damage they cannot see during the inspection process.  It is very rare that minor dings or dents occur during car transport that is a result of driver error.  However, it will give you peace of mind knowing your car was properly inspected and so you know what to expect on the other end.

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Rural Auto Transport

Auto Transport to rural areas can create a much longer time frame when it comes to coordinating a driver who is going that way or is willing to go off the interstate that distance to get your vehicle. In addition to this, you must keep in mind you will incur a surcharge for the driver’s time and fuel. An alternative, if you are looking to keep your costs down, would be that when you speak with our customer service representative that you also get a price if you were to meet the driver along the interstate or in a nearby major city. Often it is difficult for our larger auto movers that haul 8-10 vehicles to get down country roads because they are built for long hauls. In some instances if your car is going a short distance smaller 3 or 4 car transport trucks will be used. Because the distance and locations can be infinitely variable call and explain your situation to one of our reps and we will explain your best options to arrange for auto shipping of your vehicle.

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