Car shipping TO Hawaii is generally much safer than FROM Hawaii because it is much harder for companies to change the pricing.  A common issue with Hawaii car transport is that a shipping company can lure in customers with promises of extremely cheap pricing and ask them to prepay for the shipment. Often Americans take quotes, both written and verbal, from companies as legitimate quotes and rarely question the legitimacy of the company.  Unfortunately some companies take advantage of that.  Here is an example of how they do that while shipping FROM Hawaii to the mainland.  After they have quoted the price to you and your car is on the boat headed to the port they inform you they accidentally underquoted the price to take your car from the port to the destination.  From the time your car arrives at the port there are only 5 days (on average depending on the port) to get it picked up or you have to pay port storage fees.  There is not a lot of time to waste and they know this and since they have control of your car you can either fight with them which they are prepared for or just allow them to charge you more money.  A simple way to avoid this is to do your homework before you choose the company.  Check and see how many years they have been in business and what kind of reputation they have on the Better Business Bureau.  From that you can better educate yourself on how they generally conduct business and what your experience will be like.