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Electric cars

The British motor industry is planning to invest over 7 Billion pounds into building an electric car for its consumers.  They surveyed their consumers and found only a small percentage of them were interested in actually buying an electric car, but that percentage (2%) still adds up when you spread it over almost 20million households.  With recent success of cars like the Nissan Leaf, other manufacturers are making an effort to get in line.  This is the best type of competition because it is a race to see who can build a better car that will in essence only improve our environment for the long haul.  And these major manufacturers have the financial backing to properly do it.


car prevents DUI

Technology from a Massachusetts based firm is in the testing phases which is being checked out by US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  The technology will detect if the driver is over the legal limit of .08, and if so it will not allow the car to start.  Currently there is a required system for some individuals already convicted of DUI which requires them to blow into a tube before starting the car.  However this new system is designed to be far less intrusive, and one idea is to measure through a touch-based system, possibly on the steering wheel itself.  So when you get in your vehicle and put your hands on the wheel it will quickly check your blood alcohol level, and if you are below the legal limit your car will start and will not ruin the over design of your cars interior.  This will be good to prevent deaths from DUI as well as people who are not certain or not if they are over the legal limit.  If they had 2 beers after work and feel fine to drive but don’t want the DUI arrest.  It is estimated that this technology could save approximately 9,000 fatalities a year.


Car Reliability

A recent survey done showed that when people are looking to have a car transport them reliably that Honda came out as the leader.  Over the years, Honda has worked hard to improve their vehicles reliability, performance and fuel economy.  However, domestic competitor, Ford has been working on those exact same points and are showing to be ever increasing their market share for this reason.  Ford also has the advantage of not having to arrange car shipping as their vehicles are made here.  Overseas Honda is actually experiencing some difficulty in his production plants in China.  They had a walkout because they felt they were being underpaid.  I am sure this will get resolved, but is nice to see domestically Americans are feeling more confident with our car manufacturers.

Green Ferrari

Ferrari has been developing ways to make some of the most high performance sports cars green.  With many of the major car manufacturers increasing the sales of their vehicles using green technology, Ferrari doesn’t want to lag too far behind.  While at this time it is not clear exactly what will happen there are several rumors floating around.  One of the rumors is they will incorporate their KERS system into their street cars.  This was a technology originally designed for their Formula 1 team for the 2009 season.  This system allows cars a temporarily significant boost in power while maintaining a reasonably sized engine.  It is also suspected that they will be fitting the cars to run on biofuel. It is going to be interesting for those lucky few who have the income to buy a car like that to know they can enjoy the car and horsepower while keeping the planet green.

Muscle Car Fuel Economy Battle

Well who would have thought the day would come where muscle car manufacturers would be fighting over fuel economy along with horse power. Well it has started between major manufacturers Ford and Chevrolet with their Mustang and Camaro respectively.

Chevrolet Camaro

Until now Ford’s entry muscle car have been winning in both departments, horse power and fuel economy, and that has some executives and Chevy concerned. In order to remedy this they have worked our a way they will be able to surpass Ford. While the executive who gave the press conference didn’t report exactly when they were going to release the new and improved muscle car, he noted the 2011 Camaro will be arriving shortly. The rivalry between the two manufacturers to not only compete on performance but also fuel efficiency is a great step

2011 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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Police Cars

Many of you will start to see a change in the law enforcement cars on the road now compared to what it has been for the last decade. Many people identify the Ford’s Crown Vic model with police cars and rightly so as well over half of the police units in the US are Crown Vics. However, this is looking to change. Ford has redesigned their cars adding in extra benefits for safety for our law enforcement. They have downsized the engine to make it more fuel efficient and added a turbo-charger to avoid losing any horsepower. This new police car is going to have to compete with several other major manufacturers now such as the Dodge Charger and the Chevy Caprice. It is nice to see that Ford is looking for ways to redesign their vehicles to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the cost for the operations of each department. Now it will be up to the law enforcement to decide which vehicle they want their units to have.


Aston Martin Cygnet

I never thought Aston Martin would deviate from their beautiful high end luxury sports car. To many people the name, Aston Martin, symbolizes characters like James Bond so to see them create a car resembling the smart car is amazingly shocking. Many of you have seen the Smart Car made by Mercedes. However Mercedes left their name off of the car to keep their branding in line with their traditional cars. Aston Martin decided to take a different method on their new vehicle. Their new automobile has the traditional Aston Martin logo and Aston Martin rear lights. It is expected this new Aston will become available in 2010/2011 and it is estimating its price around $40,000. The manufacturer has said they already have interest from many current Aston Martin owners.

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