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present for shipping

A question often asked is “Do I need to be present at time of loading, because I own the car?”  No.  You are able to have anyone of your choosing at pickup and delivery.  We are not responsible to check the registration to the owner.  One the pickup of the car ensure that the person who is there, has the keys and some time to do the inspection with the driver.  The driver will inspect your car and mark any pre-existing damage with you.  The car will be covered under the cargo insurance of the driver for any damages he creates while it is on the auto transport trailer.  Something we have discussed earlier in the blogs to keep in mind, while it is rare, if there is an act of nature like a tornado or hail storm that damages your car, that is not something we are liable for and your personal insurance will cover that. Or if there is road debris that kicks up, and that is also a very rare occurrence.  Just as for during delivery, you do not need to be present as the owner of the car.  Just insure whoever is, has the COD payment for the driver if that is applicable and is at a location where the truck can safely get to and unload.


car transport west to east

Throughout the year changes occur with demand which has a big effect on the pricing in the industry.  For the last few months there has been a large surplus of cars going from the east coast to California and Arizona.  The strange thing isn’t the demand to ship a car west, it is that there are hardly any people who want to transport east.  What is happening is the shady companies are taking advantage of this buy continuing to quote low prices to the west coast and charge a deposit and never load the cars.  However anything going east is cheaper than normal because our trucks need to get to that coast where the premium rates are.  As always, we recommend you do your homework when shipping a car and check out our car shipping tips there are many reputable companies but unfortunately people tend to be excited by the cheap prices of the scam companies.


Green Cars in Demand

Competition between major manufacturers to create a totally green car is heating up.  In the 2011 auto show in Houston several car makers had their new all electric or partially electric cars on display.   Nissan had their heavily advertised LEAF, Toyota had their electric model from their extremely successful Prius on display.  American manufacturer Chevy is getting into the game as well with their Volt.  Then the semi electric manufacturers such as Lincoln, BMW and Ford have been showing their varieties hopefully this new demand from customers will push Americans away from our dependency on fossil fuels.  Global warming aside, the pollution is indisputable and the fact that we are sending money out of the country at such a heavy volume should concern us, and the current demand for change I believe is reflecting that.

Driving and Talking

For those of you who remember a time before cell phones, you remember that it would be perfectly normal to have a conversation with a bunch of people in your car while you drive.  However, many people haven’t been able to master the skill of talking on their cell phones and driving.   Part of the reason is that our culture has become so keen on multitasking that we assume that our drive will be without incident.  More and more research is showing this isn’t the case, and states like California are making it law to prevent people from holding their phone to their ear while they drive so they can use both hands if necessary.  As a trucking company that transports cars, all too often we see people fly in front of us while our drivers are on the road, and while switching lanes in a Honda Civic is simple, maneuvering a 80,000 lbs. truck around a busy freeway is a bit trickier.  So, anything that can be done to make our roads safer is greatly appreciated by our drivers, and hopefully most of the road, even if they find it annoying to put an ear piece in or sync it to their car.


Car part shortage

As demand for cars has started to make its slow climb back up from the huge crash of 2008, suppliers are working fast to create the parts but are falling behind.  Many major car manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler and Volkswagen have had to ask their employees not to come into the factories for 1 day to a week because of parts shortages.  It is nice to see that people are feeling more confident in their future that purchasing cars is okay, but most factories reduced their work force to a minimum in order to keep the doors open.  Now they are trying to ramp everything back up again to keep their customers, the manufactures, satisfied.  Good news for the future.


Happy Birthday

Today is American Auto Movers’ birthday and we are really excited about our coming up Big 5 as we have some very exciting things planned.  =)


American Auto Movers Site

For all of you that have been following our blog, I want to apologize we have been spending the last couple of months here streamlining our site and adding information to our site as you can see by going through the american auto movers sitemap we added some new pages and removed some pages that weren’t very relevant to our industry or helpful to our customers.  We have also been working on some advancements to make the quote process more exact and efficient which has been taking a little longer than expected.  All the same, we are moving right along and we will keep you posted as they come to be launched on the site.  We are always willing to here ideas to help so feel free to email our contact us page.

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