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Moving to Hawaii

Planning on moving to Hawaii?  Not sure what is involved?  Well we are going to give you a few tips to help make the move easier.  First, we advise you to check out some of the various blogs on local Hawaiian blogs going over which island is best for you and then figure out the costs and ensure you will be able to live there.  If you have done that then you just need to work out your move.  Cars can be expensive on the Islands so often it is worth it to take your car you have now vs selling your car and buying a new one out there.  However, for your furniture, it may be different.  For example Hawaiian homes generally use lots of windows and the breeze to keep you cool.  Now if you have leather couches or chairs, they will generally not sustain well in that type of climate.  We are not professional on household items though, we specialize in cars and car shipping.  Anyway, do your research on the cost of a similar car in Hawaii and more times than not it is cheaper to ship it.  Now, as we always mention when you are getting quotes, be sure you research the companies who are quoting you.  There are plenty of scams that occur in this industry so utilize the Better Business Bureau to ensure you are getting quotes from companies who are honest.


car shipping from Hawaii

Car shipping TO Hawaii is generally much safer than FROM Hawaii because it is much harder for companies to change the pricing.  A common issue with Hawaii car transport is that a shipping company can lure in customers with promises of extremely cheap pricing and ask them to prepay for the shipment. Often Americans take quotes, both written and verbal, from companies as legitimate quotes and rarely question the legitimacy of the company.  Unfortunately some companies take advantage of that.  Here is an example of how they do that while shipping FROM Hawaii to the mainland.  After they have quoted the price to you and your car is on the boat headed to the port they inform you they accidentally underquoted the price to take your car from the port to the destination.  From the time your car arrives at the port there are only 5 days (on average depending on the port) to get it picked up or you have to pay port storage fees.  There is not a lot of time to waste and they know this and since they have control of your car you can either fight with them which they are prepared for or just allow them to charge you more money.  A simple way to avoid this is to do your homework before you choose the company.  Check and see how many years they have been in business and what kind of reputation they have on the Better Business Bureau.  From that you can better educate yourself on how they generally conduct business and what your experience will be like.

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Alaska Auto Transport

The main port of entry and exit from the continental US for Alaska auto transport is Seattle, Wa. There are several stops that can be made for shipping your car to Alaska. Of course, Anchorage is the main stop, but also customers have asked for Alaska car shipping to more remote areas that we service such as Kodiak or Dutch Harbor. If you are looking to have a car brought to an inland location such as Fairbanks, that is also possible for an additional fee. A piece of advise we give to people when they call in is to be sure to do the proper research on the company you are considering before choosing them to ship your car. We recommend you look at the Better Business Bureau before choosing your company.

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California Car Shipping

There are two main entrance and exit routes with regards to California auto shipping companies. By far the southern california route is more commonly traveled for several reasons. First, typically the fuel costs in southern california are much less and there is a larger amount of vehicles in southern california which means most carriers can avoid the additional fuel costs to get their vehicles. Another reason is the northern route out of the state through Interstate 80 can have bad weather throughout the year and the more mountainous roads which result in less fuel economy for the drivers. For this reason, typically cars coming into or going out of the northern parts of California are more expensive for customers. It is also less common for there to be carriers in the area to pickup a vehicles on short or no notice.

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Hawaii Car Transport

Hawaii car transport is simple to arrange from several major cities on the west coast of the US. One of the most common locations to ship your car is from Long Beach, CA. However, if you are sending your car from Hawaii and you are not the one who will be picking it up at the port, be sure that you have hired a reliable car transporter to handle the move. Our experience has been that people who hired unexperienced or unreliable car shipping companies end up having to pay fines for their car sitting at the port past the allowable time. If the Hawaii car shipping company you hire does not show up to get your car from the port after the allowed days there will be a fine. Later if you cancel with that transporter, you will have to pay for your ground transport and for the extra days for the shipping company to hold your car. Transport time can be significantly different depending on which island you are shipping from and to because some islands require a barge because it is not conducive for large ships.

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Florida Auto Transport

Florida is the founding state for American Auto Movers. Because the state is the southeast corner of the US, it is a major car shipping hub for carriers. Luckily for those looking to arrange car transport into or out of the Sunshine State, Florida is a state that is an origin point for auto haulers going to almost every area in the US. Of course certain cities, like Miami, can be difficult for drivers to navigate because of the immense traffic and being a huge port destination. Often our residents that live the the keys will meet our drivers and pickup their car there because of the surcharges down into that area. Because the amount of cars to and from the keys is minimal, typically those customers requesting transport down there have to pay a round trip rate for the driver which can be very expensive, especially if your car is going somewhere like key west. Give us a call and we will be happy to get you a rate for either way for your Florida auto transport.

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New York Auto Transport

We wanted to give some pointers to the residents of New York when they are considering New York auto transport. The points we are going to make are more for those who live or are planning to use an auto transport service into the city of New York or Long Island. It is a common practice for most car transport companies that are doing long haul runs to or from New York to use a terminal in New Jersey. An example would be if you had planned to have your car transported from San Diego to Manhattan. The process would be, in some cases, for your car to be picked up and delivered to a terminal in New Jersey and from there be delivered to on a smaller truck to your house. If you are looking to cut or reduce costs and ever have reason to go to New Jersey often you can cut some costs by picking it up from the terminal. Doing this can save you, on average $50-$100 so if that is worth it for you then it may be something to consider when you are trying to cut costs. If you are moving your car from dead end routes such as The Hamptons, be sure to keep flexible on your pickup windows as most carriers try to plan to find vehicles to replace the ones they are picking up and dropping off so it is not a one way trip. When you call our office ask for an auto transport quote with both options so you can compare and make your decision.

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