A question often asked is “Do I need to be present at time of loading, because I own the car?”  No.  You are able to have anyone of your choosing at pickup and delivery.  We are not responsible to check the registration to the owner.  One the pickup of the car ensure that the person who is there, has the keys and some time to do the inspection with the driver.  The driver will inspect your car and mark any pre-existing damage with you.  The car will be covered under the cargo insurance of the driver for any damages he creates while it is on the auto transport trailer.  Something we have discussed earlier in the blogs to keep in mind, while it is rare, if there is an act of nature like a tornado or hail storm that damages your car, that is not something we are liable for and your personal insurance will cover that. Or if there is road debris that kicks up, and that is also a very rare occurrence.  Just as for during delivery, you do not need to be present as the owner of the car.  Just insure whoever is, has the COD payment for the driver if that is applicable and is at a location where the truck can safely get to and unload.