Some car shipping tips that you should keep in mind when you are looking for quotes, is be sure the companies you are calling to get quotes from are actually companies that ship cars and not lead generating sites.  Often there are sites that rank high on Google and appear to be a car transport company.  However, often these sites are strictly used to sell leads to what are often fly-by-night companies because they do not appear on Google because they continually change their name.  Of course, this is not applicable to all companies who receive these leads but often our customers tell us they were mislead and thought they were getting a quote from one company and then started to receive numerous emails, text messages and calls from people being hard sold into accepting the quote.  As always do your home, look for yourself how long they have been in business on the BBB.  It is going to cost you some time upfront, but generally the headache saved will be worth it in the end.