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A question often asked is “Do I need to be present at time of loading, because I own the car?”  No.  You are able to have anyone of your choosing at pickup and delivery.  We are not responsible to check the registration to the owner.  One the pickup of the car ensure that the person who is there, has the keys and some time to do the inspection with the driver.  The driver will inspect your car and mark any pre-existing damage with you.  The car will be covered under the cargo insurance of the driver for any damages he creates while it is on the auto transport trailer.  Something we have discussed earlier in the blogs to keep in mind, while it is rare, if there is an act of nature like a tornado or hail storm that damages your car, that is not something we are liable for and your personal insurance will cover that. Or if there is road debris that kicks up, and that is also a very rare occurrence.  Just as for during delivery, you do not need to be present as the owner of the car.  Just insure whoever is, has the COD payment for the driver if that is applicable and is at a location where the truck can safely get to and unload.


Auto transportation is an activity wherein car is transported from one location to other. Auto transport can be between state to state or even country to country. Many transport companies are involved in the business of transporting vehicle from one point to other. You need to do your research before choosing an auto transport company to satisfy your needs. Find an auto transport company that is affordable, has a record of being trustworthy and guarantees to transport your vehicle without any damage.

There are many reasons for which one may choose to utilize the services of auto transporters. First of all it is not feasible to drive from one country to other so it’s necessary to utilize the services of an auto transport company. Even if the transport is to happen within country due to the distance and exhaustion involved many people prefer giving this responsibility in the hands of an experienced auto transporters. In the event of shifting your base to other place there are a lot many headaches so the best option is to give the responsibility of moving your vehicle in experienced hands of these auto transporters.

Other than moving, the other reason for which the auto transport companies are hired is when you are going for a long holiday and you would want to drive your own vehicle. Driving your own vehicle is very comfortable. In spite of hiring any transport at a place where you are off for a holiday which would prove to be very expensive it’s a much comfortable and cheaper option to have your vehicle transported.

With the evolution in internet technology and craze of shopping online people can easily purchase new cars and used ones from all over the world. This is where the services of auto transport companies come handy. They will help you in delivering the car of your dreams to your doorsteps. They work efficiently to ensure that your car is brought to you safely. Generally online websites that sell used and new cars provide this facility or they have tie ups with some auto shipping company. Auto transport rates vary from company to company. Auto transport rates also depend on the array of facilities that the customer has opted for like enclosed Auto Transport etc. Enclosed Auto Transport offers extra protection against harsh weather, wreckage on road and other long distance hazards. It is a premium service hence the price is more as compared to the normal auto transport rates.

Most of the transport companies provide the facility of nationwide auto transport. The auto transport rates may vary according to the distance involved. When hiring the facilities of a nationwide auto Transport Company one needs to check their license, agreement, insurance, their track record, driver’s experience etc. Also ensure that there are no hidden or additional charges involved.

One may also opt for services of auto transport companies if transporting some antique or traditional vehicle and services of an expert are required to keep your vehicle safe.

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Muscle Car Fuel Economy Battle

Well who would have thought the day would come where muscle car manufacturers would be fighting over fuel economy along with horse power. Well it has started between major manufacturers Ford and Chevrolet with their Mustang and Camaro respectively.

Chevrolet Camaro

Until now Ford’s entry muscle car have been winning in both departments, horse power and fuel economy, and that has some executives and Chevy concerned. In order to remedy this they have worked our a way they will be able to surpass Ford. While the executive who gave the press conference didn’t report exactly when they were going to release the new and improved muscle car, he noted the 2011 Camaro will be arriving shortly. The rivalry between the two manufacturers to not only compete on performance but also fuel efficiency is a great step

2011 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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