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Not all car shipping sites are the same.  There are two main categories they fall into.  Actually companies and lead generating sites.  Part of the confusion for must customers looking to ship a car, is to find a legitimate company with a good reputation to ship their car.  As people go through the internet they generally aim to get 3-4 quotes for companies and then move compare their prices.  Unfortunately, the internet has numerous sites which appear to be companies, but in actuality are then selling your contact information to 5-10 different companies.  This is something consumers are used to, comparing 5-7 prices on one site, an example of that would be cheap tickets.  The difference between the two is that if you go on cheap tickets comparing prices someone from a basement run home office isn’t going to be calling you telling you why they are better than another airline.  These lead generating sites often open the door for fly-by-night companies to arrive and quote out large amounts of quotes to people without taking the care to get them an accurate number, but just to see how much they can sell.  This is not always the case, but my advise would to be to stick with 4 or 5 quotes from sites on the internet where they are an actual company.  Where you can confirm their credentials and years in business BEFORE giving away your email and cell number.  As always we have car shipping tips on our site which would be helpful for anyone looking for the service so they can make an educated choice.  Of course, we are not the only reputable companies, there are many, but it is important you do that homework before selecting which car shipping company you want.


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While I know we have talked about it before on the blog, it deserves being mentioned again.  A few weeks ago one of the receptionist asked me why so many people who call in ask her for pickup immediately because they booked with a company that let them down.  So, I wanted to touch on it again because as things stand now if you want to ship a car you have to be careful on what companies to even consider.  Unfortunately many car transport companies quote out prices that are unrealistic and make promises they can’t back up.  It is important to look up the reputation of the companies who are quoting you on the Better Business Bureau to see if they are experienced or valid companies first.  Often what happens is that customers get a quote of, as an example, $800 on a move that should cost $950-1000.  And like most anyone, they feel like they are getting a great price.  Unfortunately the company that quoted that price may want full or partial payment upfront because they have only been in business a short time and are not even certain they can get the car moved but they do want the money.  Then, after they don’t get the car shipped, they have to fight to get that money back which may or may not happen.  Then they have to scramble to find a reputable company and change their budget on having the car shipped.  The point of this blog is that you should research the companies before you even get a quote, then you can get accurate pricing and generally reputable companies will be similar on the pricing.



There are four main ports we have found are the most popular for customers planning to ship a car. The obvious west coast port is in Long Beach, California. It is the main port as well for cars going to Hawaii. While there are ports all along the west coast of California, Long Beach is far an above the busiest. On the east coast there are two ports very close together in Jacksonville, FL and Brunswick, GA. The final port is up in New Jersey which exports the majority of freight for the north eastern areas. The reason this information is useful is that knowing the ports you can now decide if it is going to be easier or cheaper for you to drive your car to the port or if you prefer a car transport company to handle it for you to do it for you.

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Hybrid Car

Falling in line with many of the other car manufacturers, Audi has developed a hybrid for its largest sedan the A8. This sedan will be “fuel efficient” for its size, however since the traditional A8 is not a big seller here, Audi will not be bringing the car to the US at this time for sale. For now the cars will be sold in Europe as its main marketplace. However, Mercedes will be selling their S400 which is in the same class as the Audi A8. Since the S class Mercedes is a much higher selling car, the will be brining their hybrid to market here in the US. Reviews on the handling of the vehicle are great. We are glad to see the research happening to make advancements possible.

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