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car transport west to east

Throughout the year changes occur with demand which has a big effect on the pricing in the industry.  For the last few months there has been a large surplus of cars going from the east coast to California and Arizona.  The strange thing isn’t the demand to ship a car west, it is that there are hardly any people who want to transport east.  What is happening is the shady companies are taking advantage of this buy continuing to quote low prices to the west coast and charge a deposit and never load the cars.  However anything going east is cheaper than normal because our trucks need to get to that coast where the premium rates are.  As always, we recommend you do your homework when shipping a car and check out our car shipping tips there are many reputable companies but unfortunately people tend to be excited by the cheap prices of the scam companies.


Car Transport checkout

While there are many review sites customers can use when researching a company, few are legitimate enough that you can count on the information.  Often “review sites” can be altered by the staff of the company writing great reviews about them or competitors writing horrible reviews about them.  However, sites like the Better Business Bureau give consumers an option to see verified complaints from other consumers.  While they will not see any glowing reviews about the car transport company, the lack of complaints or volume in some cases, will give you an idea of what your experience will be like.  You can search companies under the “check out a business or charity” section of the website and search by company name, phone number, web address among other options.


Environmentally Aware Snowbirds

We know that it is cheaper to drive your car from Massachusetts to Florida every year, just like it is cheaper to wash your car vs. having it professionally done.  However, year after year, many customers choose to be environmentally aware and hire a car transport company to do the move for them.  More and more, people are becoming aware of the environment and the effects their driving has to it.  For many of our snow birds, they understand that by using an auto transport company they are reducing their carbon footprint and helping to leave behind a healthy planet for their family, similar to what they experienced in their youth.  We commend those individuals who care enough about the environment to use this service.

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Car Transport Hubs

Car transport hubs are a very efficient way to help customers and carriers accomplish the desired result.  Pickup and delivery is the areas where schedules and time tables need to be matched up and that is why there is typically the most problems.  In some cases drivers arrive to a city ready to deliver the car and the customer is not there or not ready to receive it.  Often this is failure from the driver calling the customer to coordinate a time early enough that the customer can make arrangements.  Using the hub allows the drivers time to call ahead and coordinate a time to make delivery.  If the customer is not ready to receive the car, it is simply not loaded onto the truck for delivery.  In this scenario everyone wins more often than not.

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Car Transport Prep

One of the most important things customers can do safeguard themselves is to give their car a light spray down prior to the car transport arriving to load the vehicle.  The reason behind this is that a clean car will allow the truck driver and the customer to properly inspect the vehicle before loading.  Small dings and dents are much harder to spot on a dirty car and in some cases the drivers will mark the car “as is” if the vehicle is too dirty to properly inspect because they do not want to be held liable for damage they cannot see during the inspection process.  It is very rare that minor dings or dents occur during car transport that is a result of driver error.  However, it will give you peace of mind knowing your car was properly inspected and so you know what to expect on the other end.

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Most people nowadays desire to transport their vehicles also from their old home to new home either taking help from car transport companies or by driving their car to new destination. But for most people it really becomes very difficult to drive car from one city to another so they prefer to take help from car Transport Company. Some take help from car Transport Company in order to save the extra mileage of their car. So in order to transit your vehicles or household items it is better to rely on some reputed shipping companies. These shipping companies provide services to transport cars, trucks, caravans, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles. So in such cases it is better to go for the shipping company that offers quality services.

There are numerous car shipping companies out there for you but it is recommended that you should only go for the shipping company that possess some years of experience in this industry. On the other hand they should be well qualified, licensed and bonded auto shipping company who can transit your vehicle in safe and secured way to your new destination. If you are moving to new place within your country then it is easy and simple to transit your car, but in case if you are moving abroad then it becomes really very difficult and complicated to transit your vehicle as it need special attention, so in such cases you have to take help of some reputed and quality car transport company. It is suggested to ensure that the international transport companies that you will select to transit your car should provide you with all the relevant documentation, and also let you know about the fees, restrictions and regulation of your chosen destination country. On the other hand also make sure that you receive your car in good condition and on given time period.

In some selected countries the transport truck has to undergo through customs, weigh stations and check posts, so please make sure from the transporter that when they are going to deliver your car to your destination. On the other hand also make sure that will they offer door to door service or else you have to go to their office to pick your vehicle. There are numerous car transport companies out there and every shipping company have their own way of working and offer different services such as open transporters, enclosed vehicle shipping, terminal shipping or door to door shipping or international auto transport. Moreover, if you posses a new car or expensive vehicle then it is better to go for enclosed vehicle shipping in order to save your car from winds, rain, heat, snow and other damages could occur to your car. On the other it is suggested that before you select any car transport company to transit your car, you should ensure that whether they compensate for the damages occur during shipping. Most of the shipping companies cover insurance for the damages may occur during transit. These are some of the information that you have to keep in mind while selecting a car transport company.

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Muscle Car Fuel Economy Battle

Well who would have thought the day would come where muscle car manufacturers would be fighting over fuel economy along with horse power. Well it has started between major manufacturers Ford and Chevrolet with their Mustang and Camaro respectively.

Chevrolet Camaro

Until now Ford’s entry muscle car have been winning in both departments, horse power and fuel economy, and that has some executives and Chevy concerned. In order to remedy this they have worked our a way they will be able to surpass Ford. While the executive who gave the press conference didn’t report exactly when they were going to release the new and improved muscle car, he noted the 2011 Camaro will be arriving shortly. The rivalry between the two manufacturers to not only compete on performance but also fuel efficiency is a great step

2011 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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