Planning on moving to Hawaii?  Not sure what is involved?  Well we are going to give you a few tips to help make the move easier.  First, we advise you to check out some of the various blogs on local Hawaiian blogs going over which island is best for you and then figure out the costs and ensure you will be able to live there.  If you have done that then you just need to work out your move.  Cars can be expensive on the Islands so often it is worth it to take your car you have now vs selling your car and buying a new one out there.  However, for your furniture, it may be different.  For example Hawaiian homes generally use lots of windows and the breeze to keep you cool.  Now if you have leather couches or chairs, they will generally not sustain well in that type of climate.  We are not professional on household items though, we specialize in cars and car shipping.  Anyway, do your research on the cost of a similar car in Hawaii and more times than not it is cheaper to ship it.  Now, as we always mention when you are getting quotes, be sure you research the companies who are quoting you.  There are plenty of scams that occur in this industry so utilize the Better Business Bureau to ensure you are getting quotes from companies who are honest.