California Car Shipping

Are you one of the lucky people relocating to California for work or to go to college? Or have you given up on the traffic and are ready to leave the sunshine and are looking for a company to help you with auto shipping. Regardless of what you need, American Auto Movers has developed a good reputation in the industry as a reliable and trusted name when you need to ship a car.

The excellent climate has made California the most populated state in the Union, however only ranks third in overall size with regards to land size. The state is also home to eight of the US's 50 largest cities. The state is most well known for its sunny weather and great beaches, but up north it has some beautiful mountains which in the winter are not great for our drivers to get around. Despite its relentless beautiful weather and beautiful coast line, the residents of California are always at risk to one of the numerous fault lines that run throughout the state causing many earthquakes.

California is one of the easiest states for a customer to coordinate their car transport. California is a state we refer to as a start-off state which means that it is easy to coordinate for specific days for pickup and drop-off of vehicles. This is important to know when you are thinking of leaving the state or arriving on a specific day and need to ensure your car is available on that day. Call our office and explain exactly what you need and one of our staff will assist you. Call American Auto Movers today for a California car shipping quote at (866) 393-2907.

Specializing in car shipping for the entire state of sunny Califorinia. We can ship your auto from coast to coast!

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