Types of

Car Carriers

There are many different types of car carriers that are on the road, and it is important that you know some basic facts about them in order to properly plan your pickup and drop off of your vehicle. Often times people think that the drivers can get down small residential roads because they have seen household moving trucks do it. However, often a car transporter trailer is much larger and less maneuverable in smaller residential areas. In some cases car carriers are 20ft longer than your typical household moving van. Unless you are looking at them side-by-side it can be hard to see the difference in length and overall size. In addition to the size of the trailers, most auto carriers are open and that means the cars that are on the top deck are at risk when driving down any residential area that has trees or any overhangs. The safety of the cars is the primary concern of the driver so we leave it to our drivers to make a decision they are comfortable with when it comes to driving through residential neighborhoods. Also, due to the weight of some of these trailers which can be in excess of 80,000 lbs, some neighborhoods will not allow the drivers to drive into them or they risk paying a hefty fine.

The other types of auto carriers that are used more commonly in major metropolitan areas. These smaller carriers are called wedge trailers or rollbacks. The rollback is often seen on the road looking like a large flat bed with 1-3 cars on the back. They get the name "rollback" because the deck on the back rolls back off the chassis of the truck becoming flush with the ground but at an angle, hence the name "rollback." The driver will then move the deck back over the chassis of the truck again parallel with the ground and drive. These are convenient to use for delivery because they are more compact and are able to get into smaller streets or heavy populated areas like Manhattan and easily pickup and deliver vehicles. The wedge trailer is generally pulled by a smaller dually truck and also carriers 2-4 cars and is used for shorter runs. These trailers do not move nearly like a rollback, it is more of a flat deck similar to just the bottom deck of a double decker car carrier you see at a dealership. Give us a call and we can see what we have in your area and will work out what is best for your situation.