Car Transporters

American Auto Movers was originally founded on the understanding the customer comes first. It is very common with auto transporters to make promises they cannot keep. Being that it is a very competitive industry often companies fail to focus on the customer service and try to do things as cheaply as possible which often results in major delays and problems for customers. When American Auto Movers was established it was our intention to create a company that properly handled vehicle transportation for its clients. We always advise customers to properly investigate a company before using them or considering them for your automobile transport. We can assist you getting you car anywhere in America and that includes Hawaii and Alaska.

When you are considering hiring us as car transporters, you should be aware of the timeframe it will take to get your car to its new destination. These days are the average in the industry. Be wary of anyone promising much less and as always check out their reputation. When it comes to long hauls across America the drivers are only allowed a certain number of hours driving before they are required to sleep. If you are shipping your vehicle from coast to coast a rule of thumb is plan for roughly 7-10 days for your car to arrive after it was loaded. From Florida to the Northeast or vice versa expect 5-7 days which is the same time window from the west coast to the midwest. Our staff, along with most of the companies that transport vehicles, give a window because there are many delays we can experience while our trucks are on the road. Besides the normal issues with weather, traffic delays and break downs, there can be delays with customers not being ready to receive their car or dealerships asking the drivers to wait until the morning to load. There are a lot of variables we encounter while our auto transporters are on the road, but we do our best to always stay on schedule. If you take a look at our report on the BBB you will see our reputation is important to us and we do the best we can to keep it strong. If at any time you are curious to where your vehicle is call our office and we can give you a location and confirm the expected delivery time.

If you have any other questions about what to expect or how we can assist you with your vehicle transport please do not hesitate to call us toll-free at 866-393-2907.