Classic Car Transport

If you own a classic car and need to get it across the state or across America, the last thing you want to do is drive it there. Driving your car for long amounts of time puts mileage on your car, creates wear and tear on hard to replace parts and puts it at risk for rock chips from any road debris. In the case of bad weather there is the risk of having an accident that could permanently damage the value of your car. American Auto Movers is a classic car transport company that services the entire US and can assist you with getting your pride and joy safely to its new destination in one of our enclosed trailers.

When you are considering classic car transportation, you want to know that your car will be safe on its journey to wherever it may be going. Regardless if it is going to a car show, your second home, or to a new buyer, it needs to show up in the same condition that it left in. What many people don't know when they receive a quote is that while their vehicle has insurance, regardless of whether it is on an open car carrier or enclosed transport, the insurance on an open trailer will not cover things such as road debris or acts of nature.

Essentially that means if the driver hits a patch of dirt or gravel while in transit on an open trailer and a rock hits the car, the carrier is not liable. Of course, this is a very rare occurrence on our open trailers, but it is a point to consider when you are factoring the risk and cost issues. The same goes if while in transport the driver gets stuck in a storm and hail damages the car, again, extremely unlikely but something to consider. With enclosed classic car transport services from American Auto Movers, it's impossible for these types of damages to occur when transporting a car as it is completely protected from the elements.

Enclosed classic car transportation from American Auto Movers, the leading US classic car transport company ensures that your car is well cared for and safeguarded throughout its entire shipment.

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