Cross Country Car Transport

American Auto Movers is a national auto shipping company that services every US state including Hawaii and Alaska. Most companies in this industry do service the entire United States, so that is not what makes us unique. We are unique because of our quality of service with coast to coast auto transport. Traditionally in this industry people have either had, or known someone to have, a bad experience. We are working to give our customers at least one option to contact if they want their move done safely and as it should be. Often people are confused about the pricing and call and call to find the cheapest company to handle the shipment. Unfortunately it is typically these people who eventually have the negative experience.

What can occur when you are trying to "negotiate a better deal" is the customer service rep feels pressure and gives you the customer a discount to go with them. However, that "discount" in most cases will get passed to the driver. Companies that habitually do this tend to have poor reputations so it pays to do your homework. If the company you are dealing with is a broker and they do pass that discount to the driver the driver will, in some cases, bump your car or roll it. All this means is that if he gets another better paying car he will cancel the pickup of your car. Often times this is why these companies say "1-7 days for pickup" because they are aware that if the first driver finds something better they need a backup. We take a different approach. On routes that we do not have our own trucks on, we have owner operators who we have established relationships with. These drivers are reliable and experienced and because of our established relationship, treat your car as if it were one of our own drivers. Often we are not the cheapest company that does cross country car transport, but our reputation for quality and customer service is what we do pride ourselves on. If you are not in a hurry about getting your car picked up and delivered sometimes it may be worth it to consider using a less reputable company to move your vehicle. Our experience is that with any coast to coast auto transport, people typically want their car to arrive in an expected time with minimal delays. After using a cheaper unreliable company, they find it not worth the money they saved because of the stressed they experienced.