Enclosed Auto Transport

Open car carriers are very rarely recommended for exotic cars, rare cars or classic cars because of the numerous ways they could be subject to damage during transit. And unfortunately, even if you insure your car, with open auto transport damage from weather, acts of nature or road debris are not covered.

Why put your car at risk? Choose enclosed auto transport from American Auto Movers, one of the top enclosed car transport providers in the US. An enclosed auto trailer protects your valuable car from minor damage such as chips to the body, paint or windshield as well as major damage or theft.

If your car is a high end sports car, a fully restored classic car or a vehicle that would lose considerable value from a rock chip or minor damage of the sort, you should consider transporting it on an enclosed trailer. Shipping your car in this method will ensure that your vehicle is well cared for throughout its entire journey and will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left your home or car dealership. This is not to say that on our open trailers your vehicle is not safe, but it will come dirty from the grim of the road, and if it is an exotic car it is not worth the risk. Our enclosed carriers have a much higher level of insurance per vehicle because of the cargo they are transporting.

Whether you need an enclosed car transport to ship your classic car to a car show across the state, your exotic car to a buyer overseas, or you need to ship an high end model to another car dealer ship, go with American Auto Movers. We have a strong reputation as one of the top enclosed auto transport companies in the US.

From our years of experience shipping we have learned what it takes to make the move go smoothly and keep our customers happy. Our service ensures the entire move process goes smoothly from vehicle pickup to delivery and everything in between. Often customers want to call to get an update on their shipment and we welcome these calls so you can put your mind at ease. We can typically give you up to the minute information on where your vehicle is and the expected time of arrival to its new destination.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call American Auto Movers at (866) 393-2907 for your free enclosed auto quote, and find out why so many customers choose us as their choice in transport.