Florida Auto Transport

There are numerous car shipping companies based in the Sunshine State. The volume of transporters coming through the state make it ideal for people moving into our state or leaving. American Auto Movers was founded in Florida and is still based there. There are two main routes that drivers use coming into and out of Florida. Knowing the frequency of the routes means your availability for transport is higher. If you are headed west from Florida and are headed anywhere along the I-10 or I-20 you will have drivers leaving daily on that route. Or, if you are headed up I-95 and your car is in the main handle of Florida, not the panhandle, than there will also be a large volume of traffic. The I-95 route is the most commonly traveled during "snow bird" season when people from the north travel south to escape the winters and then return in the spring when things have eased up. During this time, keep it mind it is a peak time to move if you are going the same direction as everyone else, so the prices are typically higher at this time than other times of the year.

Most of the world knows the famous reasons that others come to visit. Of course, one of the most notable places to see in Florida is Disney World in Orlando and also in the same area is Universal Studios. Those are main places to see for those visiting with families. Other options are Miami for the younger or single crowd. Miami is full of great restaurants, night life, fast cars and beautiful people. In some cases people ship a car to Miami for their vacation especially if they have an exotic car they want to use during their stay.

Car transport is really not a very complicated process, but it is important to know who you are hiring to handle this service for you. Since we are near many other shipping companies we know what people say to win your business. What is important is that you do your own independent research on these companies. Find out who has the reputation to back up what they are saying. We often recommend people look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau. It is a good 3rd party source to verify they do not have a large number of complaints.

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