Car Shipping Hawaii

One of the many things American Auto Movers specializes in is Hawaii car transport. We can ship cars, trucks, SUV's and motorcycles from anywhere in the continental US to Hawaii and vice versa. We typically ship cars to Hawaii from the port in Long Beach, CA but we also ship to/from the ports in Oakland and Seattle. Let American Auto Movers take care of everything from start to finish, you can rest assured your car will arrive to its destination safely and on time.

Some things to consider when you transport a car from Hawaii to the mainland is the documentation you will need to present. If you do not own the car, let our representatives know so they can ensure you get the additional documentation. If a lien holder is named on the registration, a letter from the lien holder authorizng the shipment of the car from Hawaii is required. Hawaii State Law does not allow any exceptions to these requirements for Hawaii car transport. If you do own the vehicle, you will need the following when you drop your car to the port:

  1. Copy of the title/registration
  2. Photo ID showing with your name that is on the title
  3. Ensure a 1/4 tank or less fuel is onboard
  4. All lockable compartments are unlocked for inspection by customs
  5. Your booking number (which will be given to you by one of our representatives.)

After that, we will take care of all the additional paperwork and your car will be on the way. If you are shipping a car to Hawaii none of this documentation is needed.

After your car arrives at the port, keep in mind you have a limited number of days to pick it up. The number of days and fees for storage vary depending on the port, so it is best to plan on getting it within 3 days of it being available to pickup.

The United States Department of Agriculture has the authority to inspect all Hawaii auto transport shipments traveling from Hawaii to the US Mainland. Therefore, individuals are responsible for thoroughly cleaning their vehicle prior to shipment. During USDA inspections, they will be looking for insects and/or soil build up contaminated with organic material that can carry disease. Soil build up can generally be found inside fenders, wheel wells, rims, bumpers, truck beds, cab areas and in the undercarriage of vehicles. If found dirty, the vehicle will not be accepted for vehicle transport from Hawaii until it is cleaned.

One of the many pitfalls of Hawaii car transport can be a chipped or cracked windshield. If the inspectors at the port feel that your windshield is damaged and could deteriorate during transport they can refuse your car. The safest approach would be to either fill in any small chips or replace the windshield if it is cracked.

We transport cars to and from all the Hawaiian islands - Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Kaneophe and Waipahu - so call us today!