Iowa Auto Transport

Planning to purchase a vehicle outside of the state and need help with auto shipping to Iowa? Depending on where you need car transport from, this can be very easy to arrange. Because of its geographical location Iowa isn't necessarily one of the easier states to arrange shipping for. However, that isn't to say our carriers do not pass through there on their way to Chicago or St. Paul. When you are planning a move like this it is important to understand that there isn't always a lot of freight, or vehicles, that need to be transported in or out of Iowa. So be aware that often you are going to pay a rate to the next closest major city. For example if you were planning to ship a car from Los Angeles to Des Moines, typically you are going to pay the same rate as from Los Angeles to Chicago. The rational is that after our driver delivers your car in Des Moines, he will have an empty spot on his trailer to Chicago so in order to make it work financially we typically quote the rate to Chicago.

Iowa was one of the northern most states that was bought during the Louisiana Purchase. The state was given its name from the Native American Indian tribe that lived there before it was settled by European. The name of the tribe was the "Ioway" people and from that it was obvious how they derived the states name. Economically Iowa is very dependent on agriculture, one of its main exports is corn, and the state is in what is commonly referred to as "the corn belt." Overall the state is regarded as being one of the safest to live in.

Are you considering auto transport to one of the states more rural locations? It is important to consider the cost difference for a door to door deliver on a location that is very rural. Here is some points to consider when you think of shipping to a remote location. If you live 50 miles from the freeway, the driver will be making a 100 mile round trip for your vehicle alone. So you will be paying for fuel, time and a convenience surcharge for the truck to come out to you. When you call our office talk with the representative and we can find out what would be the best solution to get you a desired result in your budget.

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