Kansas Auto Transport

When you hire a car transport company, it is important that you know WHO exactly it is that you are hiring. Often people make the mistake of going with the cheapest company and never seeing the facts of how they have handled their business in the past. American Auto Movers has a great reputation of working with the state of Kansas. We have been shipping cars and trucks in and out of the state for years and we know what it takes to make our customers happy when they are in need of auto shipping.

Kansas is a state whose history really got started during the American Civil War. It was during that time that people from the South and North came to Kansas to determine if it was a state who would join the Confederacy or the Union. Because the state was so far west there was not a lot of established law enforcement and the name "Bleeding Kansas" was given to the state because of all the bloodshed between people fighting over which side the state would take in the war. After much fighting it was later determined that in January 1861 that they would join the Union. After the war many people flooded the state and created the nation's leading state on production of wheat.

Some interesting facts about auto transport throughout the state is that if your car is loading anywhere near the Interstate 70 it is going to be much easier for our dispatcher to assign it to a truck as it is a much more commonly traveled road when you are considering going east and west. Frequency of transport is a point that is important to consider, and if your car is a long way from the interstate, you may want to get a price from our representative being from your door, and a price being from the freeway. If you are for example shipping a car from Colby, Kansas to Atlanta, that would not be an issue for one of our drivers coming out of Denver, but if you were 60 miles north of Colby, it can be significantly more costly. Give us a call and we can see what would work best for your situation.

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