Maine Auto Transport

Car shipping to the state of Maine is possible all year long, however, even though we have drivers based in Maine, it isn't a frequent of a destination as Massachusetts or another state in the New England area. Because Maine does such an excellent job in maintaining their roads, our carriers are able to pickup and deliver cars year around throughout the state of Maine.

It is important to keep in mind that our carriers cannot always go into residential neighborhoods in Maine because of the low hanging trees. As well, during the winter months at times the DOT (Department of Transportation) will shut down the freeways prohibiting our drivers from moving. These facts are important to keep in mind because of the window that is needed in order to prevent you have a scheduling conflict with any of our drivers. Our main route that our car carriers take in the state of Maine is up and down on Interstate 95. If you are planning to ship a car a great distance off of the freeway it can be cost prohibitive. The reasoning behind this is that if you are, for example, living 50 miles off of the freeway and are hoping for a company to bring the car directly to your door, the driver will be making a 100 mile round trip run for only you.

This means you will be paying for all the usual things like fuel, time and wear and tear, but also a convenience charge as this will typically cost the driver several hours of his day to deliver your car and will have that spot empty delivery. These are all key notes not to scare you about relocating your car to Maine, but to give you a perspective you may not have considered prior to how car transport in and around the state would function. Being the northern most state in the continental US it is one of the least commonly traveled by our drivers. Give us a call, tell us what you are trying to do with your car transport and let us make an effort to assist you. We will tell you if we can or cannot meet your goals and will be upfront and honest with you.

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