Maryland Auto Transport

Planning to use a company for auto transport into Maryland? American Auto Movers has years of experience in doing just that. Our specialty and core business is in car transport throughout America. We have worked hard to create a strong customer base, by creating a pleasant customer service experience. Regardless if you are looking to bring a car in, or ship a car out of Maryland, we can assist you. We typically have drivers daily in and passing through the state. We try our best to accommodate people on the short 24 hour notice for pickup, but we cannot always load a car from Maryland on such short notice. Call us let us know when you need your car loaded and in some circumstances we can have one of our local trucks pickup your car if you need it done immediately. The furthest most eastern portion of the state however is much more difficult with regards to shipping. The reason for this is the amount of traffic for our carriers in that region is very poor. If you are looking to ship a car there consider meeting closer to a major freeway to avoid a surcharge for fuel to your destination.

Maryland is another state in America that has a capital city different from its most populated city. Often people assume the capital is Baltimore, however Annapolis, a town very close to Baltimore. Annapolis is also the home of the United States Naval Academy. This is a university where young Americans attend and after pursue a career in the US military. Despite being the only other state neighboring Washington DC besides Virginia, Maryland has many other aspects of tourism. Because of its proximity there were many Civil War battles that took place there. As well, there is a large community of technical jobs and agencies in the area which brings lots of jobs.

If you are searching for a reliable auto shipping company to safely get your car to Maryland, give us a call.

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