Massachusetts Auto Transport

Headed south for the winter and searching for a reliable company to handle your auto transport? Or are did you simply by a car outside the state and need someone to bring it to you in Massachusetts. Regardless of the situation, American Auto Movers has an established reputation for being a fast and reliable carrier. Since we have been in business it has been our goal to properly explain the entire process start to finish to our customers so they are never left wondering what is happening with their vehicle. We realize that you should not trust anyone to transport your car, so we invite you to look at our report in the Better Business Bureau, so you can make an educated decision on us compared to other companies that do car shipping.

Massachusetts is a part of New England, a group of states in the northeastern part of the US. It is a state very rich in American history, it was the second permanent English settlement in North America and later home of the Boston Tea Party. Boston was known as the "Cradle of Liberty" because it was the frustration of the residents of Boston that led to the American Revolution against Britain. Rightly so then was it about 100 years later that the residents of Massachusetts fought against slavery in the South in the American Civil War. It has always been a city of liberty and the residents today are all very proud of their city.

Massachusetts is what we refer to as a start/stop state. What that means is when drivers are planning their route the last state (if they are going to the Northeast) will be Mass. This means that you can typically have your car loaded on very short notice as long as you are planning that your car transport is going to another major destination. The only time of year this will not be applicable is during the peak season of "snow bird season." This is the time of year when a large portion of retirees from the Northeast make a trip south to escape the winter. For a time of year like this it is better to plan roughly two weeks in advance.

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