Michigan Auto Transport

Car shipping in Michigan has two very distinct parts. If you are looking to have your car moved to or from on of the major cities like Detroit, Flint or Grand Rapids you are not going to have any difficulties. However, in the north of Michigan, not only the UP but this would include areas like Traverse City and locations in the north, it is a different method when handling the transport. If you are trying to transport a car up there the method generally will be to have your vehicle brought to a local terminal. This terminal will most likely be in the detroit area, but it depends on where in northern Michigan your car is going. From that terminal your car will load onto a truck the generally only operates with cars in the upper part of the state. Of course, if you are looking for auto transport going from the upper part of the state this process would be reversed. Some people have the misconception that this method is a dangerous one because of the cars being loaded and unloaded more than once. However, this is not true. Your vehicle will load for the long haul in the order in which that driver will deliver. This will enable him to not have to move your car while it is on the longer leg of the transport. It is typically in this part of the journey that cars are damaged as the drivers have many things they are focusing on, traffic, speaking to customers, next delivery etc. Of course, like anything with experience these errors don't occur often, but it is a misconception we want to clear up. If you are searching for a company to assist you to ship a car anywhere within the state or to a destination outside of Michigan, feel free to speak with one of our representatives and tell them exactly what you need and they will get you the best case scenario to have your vehicle moved. We have built a reputation over the years as a reliable and dependable company that will safely transport your car. We invite you to look up our report on the Better Business Bureau as you should do with any company you are considering.

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