Mississippi Auto Transport

Mississippi is lucky enough to have two of the most commonly traveled interstates running through it. This makes it very easy for any customers who are planning on hiring a company for auto shipping to get their car either picked up or delivered quickly. However, Mississippi is a pass-through state, and what that means is that rarely are car carriers starting or ending their "run" in Mississippi. What that means for you the customer is that you need to ensure you have some flexibility in the days the driver is planning to come to load or deliver your vehicle.

For example, if you car was coming from Miami that would be a start location. He will load 5-8 other vehicles on that trailer throughout the state of Florida before heading west. If one of those stops has a delay on releasing the car, or if there is a mechanical failure while loading it can throw things back 1-2 days depending on the situation. However, once he is on the road and into Mississippi he is going to need to deliver your car and continue on his journey possibly to Texas or California. This is key for you the customer to know, so when you are planning out your auto shipping that you know to leave some flexibility in your schedule to ensure you can smoothly meet up with the driver and receive your vehicle. Of course, the reputation of the company you are working with will tell you if you are going to be working with a driver who is going to be understanding and willing to work with your schedule compared to a driver who will not care what problems you have and just force you to come take the car when he wants to unload. Doing your homework is key.

Mississippi is a heavily forest state that is responsible for the majority of America’s catfish. Being so far in the southern part of the US, they tend to have very hot and humid summers, as do most states in this region. However, hot weather is not all they have to be concerned about during the summer months. Mississippi is famous for having deadly tornados. In fact 2 of the top 5 most deadly tornados in history happened in this state.

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