Missouri Auto Transport

Why choose American Auto Movers for auto transport to Missouri? We take the stress out of auto shipping anywhere in Missouri! From our years of experience in the industry we know what customers expect of us, and how to properly plan out any trip so that it goes smoothly. Because of the states central location we continually have drivers going through the state. Often we like customers to give us one to two weeks' notice when they are looking to have their car shipped but this isn't always necessary if you are shipping from a state like Missouri.

Missouri is a territory that we acquired from the French during the Louisiana Purchase and was deemed Missouri Territory. Because of its huge demographic mix between urban and rural cultures, the state has been a almost perfect gauge in regards to political affairs over time. Since 1904 it has been correct in every presidential race except two elections. Many believe it is because Missouri is a border state and having a mix of both views from the Midwest along with the south. Besides its mix on political view and demographics, the state also has a variety of geography as well. It is home to the Ozark Mountains, the longest river in America, and also has part of the great plains in its territory. This is how it was given the name the "western-most eastern city."

Because of the states diversity in geographies, it is important to understand some basics laws about car transport. All of our drivers run on routes, and typically those routes run through the major interstates of America. If you are looking to have a car moved from a very very rural location, for example 60 miles off of a freeway, you should consider possibly meeting the driver closer to the freeway if you are looking to cut down on cost. When you are sixty miles away, it is important to understand that is 120 miles for the driver to get back on the freeway, and that trip is made solely for your car which creates a surcharge for your transport. Give us a call and we will see how we can make the trip economical and effective for you.

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