Montana Auto Transport

If you are intending to ship a car from Montana you will not have a problem unless your car is a long way away from main interstates that go throughout the state. This is key information if you are planning to keep the costs low. Some parts of the state are very hard to access because of the roads are not conducive to large 80ft long car carriers traveling through them. As well, during the fall and winter months the weather can be prohibitive. American Auto Movers was setup with the intention to create a company that was honest and direct with its customers, a rarity in the car transport industry. We felt it was the only way to do business and through the years we have created a great reputation because we do just that. If you are not sure what would be the cheapest way to have your car moved feel free to ask one of our representatives.

Montana has one of the lowest density populations of any state in the Union, only being beaten out by Wyoming and Alaska. This state has several nicknames and slogans including, "Big Sky Country" and "The Last Best Place." Montana joins the top 5 states of largest acreage and in part that is why it has so much tourism. People travel from around the world to spend time in the serenity of the mountains of Montana. It is home to 77 named mountain ranges that are part of the Rocky Mountains. Of the 5 entrances in the Yellow Stone National Park, 3 of them are in the state of Montana. Besides the millions of tourist that live there, many celebrities own homes there to get away and escape to nature. It is one of the few places left in America that still has large amounts of land for private sale that is not surrounded by lots of other homes.

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