Nebraska Auto Transport

Car shipping through the state of Nebraska is simple depending on where you are intending to send your car. Because the interstate 80 runs directly through the state crossing all of the major cities it facilitates the process for auto transport if you are looking to go anywhere east to west. That is a very heavily traveled highway for drivers during most times of the year. However, Nebraska is a pass through state and what that can mean is that you pay a rate, in some cases, to the next main city where they can reload a car. For example, if you were shipping a car from Detroit and you lived in North Platte, Nebraska, your rate would be the rate of a car to Denver. The reason for this is that the driver will not be able to find another car in North Platte to continue his journey, so he will have an empty spot on the trailer until Denver. This empty part of the journey can be called a dead head.

Nebraska is a state that joined the Union shortly after the end of the American Civil War. The state is part of America’s great plains and when many of the original settlers arrived, they had to build their homes from sob because there were so few trees in the area. Later Nebraska became a huge agricultural state and still is to this day. Because of the states very flat land, it is prone to tornados during the spring and summer months, these are concerns for everyone. Nebraska is one of the US states that has a capital city smaller than its largest city. Lincoln, the capital, was changed after the death of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

If you are like most Americans you will call and get rates on shipping a car, but it is important to review the reputation of the company you are considering as well. Some companies in the car transport industry make their living on being dishonest about rates. Look up the ones you are considering on the Better Business Bureau.


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