Nevada Auto Transport

Nevada is a very large state, but typically is very easy state with regards to auto transport. The obvious reason for this is that the majorities of cities the state all are on the I - 15 and I - 80. These two interstates run east and west across the state, but Nevada is a "pass through" state and that means that it is not common that many carriers are starting or stopping their journey in Nevada. It is important to keep this fact in mind when you are considering car shipping because if you are planning a pickup you should keep a window of several days open to ensure that you do not end up in a difficult situation. At American Auto Movers we like to plan out and predict the worst case scenario with our customers because we understand that everything does not go to plan every time ... especially when you are dealing with weather, equipment and a variety of customers who need car transport.

Nevada is known worldwide for being the home state of Las Vegas and Reno. Two cities that attract millions of tourist to try their luck in gambling enjoy great food and amazing shows. Nevada has a much longer history than many may know. Nevada joined the United States during the American Civil War, in 1864. This is why on their state flag the words “Battle Born” are placed because they joined the Union side of the war during the conflict. Over 80% of the state is owned by the military and government. The majority of that land though is desert and would not be pleasant to be inhabited by people for living.

We understand that you cannot trust anyone to be responsible for their car shipping and keep to their word. That is why it is important to do your homework before you schedule anyone to transport your car. Please give us a call and let us get you an auto transport quote.

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