New Jersey Car Shipping

New Jersey is a state with many "hubs" for car shipping companies. The reason behind that is it's dense population and proximity to New York City. Often what happens is larger carriers will bring a full truck load of cars into New Jersey, deliver any vehicles in the state and then unload the rest in a hub or terminal. The reason behind this is the traffic into and out of New York City is very hard to navigate for large car transporters. As well, the tolls into and out of the city charge by the axle that is on the truck, and larger trucks have more axles, so unless they are taking a full truck of 8-10 vehicles they are wasting fuel and paying extra in tolls.

New Jersey was of course originally inhabited by Native Americans, but the first European settlers were from Sweden and Holland. It was later overtaken by the English who were conquering around the world. The English gave New Jersey its name and granted it as a colony to two English aristocrats. Later New Jersey became a decisive location during the American Revolution and then became a hub for the Industrial Revolution. Its central location and proximity to so many other major cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia made it a central location for many to live in who needed to travel.

American Auto Movers is one of the premiere car shipping companies. We have built our reputation behind keeping our word and delivering what we promise. Like all industries not everything goes always as planned but you will see by looking at our reputation online that we go above and beyond to ensure we get the result we had promised. Honestly the key behind our success is our pricing, and that we do not underprice people so we are able to have good drivers with experience and also we have the reliable equipment to get them where they want to go.

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