New Mexico Auto Transport

New Mexico is a very common state for our drivers to be passing through. We have been helping the residents of the state with their auto transport for years. Some important things to keep in mind when you are considering shipping a vehicle from New Mexico is that it is a pass through state. What that means is that drivers are typically only passing through the state, not starting there. This is key to know because it is important when you are planning your car shipping to keep some flexibility in your schedule as the drivers will typically give you a window of when they plan to load your vehicle.

Because two of the most heavily traveled interstates cut through New Mexico, Interstates 40 and 10, car transporters are always cutting through there. It is important to keep in mind though that there is not a heavy demand for auto transport in the state so best if you get your order for shipment in early.

If you are considering car transport to one of the more rural areas of the state, we want to inform you of several factors to consider. As an example, if you planned to transport a car from Roswell, New Mexico to Dallas typically you are going to pay the rate from Albuquerque and, unless the driver was dropping something in Roswell, a surcharge for him going so far out of route. If you want to avoid a surcharge on a situation like this, you need to stay flexible with your schedule. You can tell our representative when you are getting your car transport quote that you are flexible with the timeframe of when it was loaded. What that can do is make it so any time we have a eastbound driver going into Roswell delivering, they could load your car and be on their way and avoid you paying the surcharge because you are in essence continuing the journey and using the surcharge paid by the original client who was obviously in a hurry and needed their car moved quicker.

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