New York Car Shipping

Are you moving to the Big Apple and looking for a company to assist you with your auto transport? For obvious reasons, New York is a state that we have drivers passing through daily. If you are trying to reduce your overall costs and are living in the city, something to consider would be picking up your car in New Jersey. Because the streets inside the city are very difficult or impossible to safely navigate with a large car transporter often the vehicles are delivered to a terminal. That terminal will load your vehicle on a much smaller truck that will be able to easily and safely make the delivery. Some people have concerns about using a local truck like that for making a delivery. There is a misconception that this will put your car at risk for damage. However, in situations like this, it is a much safer option if the company you use has experienced drivers that know how to properly do everything. Using a local terminal isn't necessary for all parts of New York. For example, throughout all of upstate New York, it won't be necessary to to use a second truck and if the large truck has a large majority of his vehicles going to a borough that will allow the driver so safely navigate, it will typically stay on the big truck. When you call our offices feel free to ask one of our representatives any further questions that you have about how your car will be transported.

The state of New York is also home to New York City which is the most populated city in the US. The state as a whole however is only the 3rd most populated state. This was historically the first home to most of the people that were immigrating into the US as most of them were arriving to Ellis Island. With our drivers based in and around New York we can handle any volume of cars you need moved into or out of the state. Give us a call toll free and we can get you a quote and explain the entire process from start to finish. We can be reached at (866) 393-2907

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