North Dakota Auto Transport

Auto transport can be simple to North Dakota, but it depends on where the vehicle is coming from, and where it is going inside the state. It is a state with some of the infrequently traveled interstates and the main one that cuts across the middle on an east/ west pattern is I-94. The more rural areas in the state can be difficult to arrange for car shipping because of the demand for drivers to pickup/ deliver in these areas. Often if someone needs delivery to one of these areas they will pay a surcharge because the driver will be traversing long distances for each customer and in order to make it a profitable trip a surcharge would need to be factored in for the car carrier.

North Dakota is one of the least populated states in the Union. However, the lack of population makes it a great location for the United States Air Force and other military installations. It is for that reason that there are two large military facilities in both Minot and Grand Forks. Fargo is the most populated city in the state, but Bismarck is the capital city. The state's population has been in a fluctuating plateau since the 1940s with a state population of well under one million residents.

Because of the low population the demand for a service to help residents with car transport is limited. However, there are several routes that are commonly traveled which can make it easier for the residents of the state to get their vehicle at a reasonable price. Because of the Interstate 94 there will be some car carriers that cut across the state on their way from Washington to St. Paul/ Minneapolis and if you have a car that you need picked from Washington and you live in a city along Interstate 94 like Fargo you can easily have your car moved. Keep in mind though, even though the driver will drop your vehicle in Fargo, he most likely will not be able to load another vehicle to complete his trip to Minneapolis. For that reason, when you hire a car transport your rate will be the same as those going to Minneapolis.

Bismarck, North Dakota - Fargo, North Dakota