Oklahoma Auto Transport

Are you planning to ship a car to Oklahoma, or do you need car transport out of the state? Regardless of your situation, you should consider one of the United States largest and most reputable companies in the industry, American Auto Movers. We have worked hard over the years to maintain a great reputation and when you compare it to some of the other companies in our industry it can be surprising and informative.

Oklahoma, despite being one of the most central states in our Union, was the 46th state to join the union. The states name is from two words from the Native American tribe who lived in the territory, the Choctaw people. The two words together to mean "red people." The state still has the most Native American languages spoken within its borders, which just shows its strong roots to the cultural heritage. Economically the state has historically relied on agriculture along with natural gas and oil.

Since Oklahoma doesn’t export many vehicles from the state, like its neighbor to the south, the amount of drivers doing auto transport into the state is limited. This can create a slowdown in the speed for the residents of the state to ship a car out of the state or have one delivered. However, if you are planning to have a car brought from the east or west coast, and you live somewhere along Interstate 40 this will be a simple move for any car carrier. The only point is that you will most likely pay a rate to the next major city where the driver will be able to load another vehicle and continue on his trip. This is typical in the car transport business because it is necessary for our trucks to be fully loaded while they are on their trip and if your car is delivering in a smaller town along the Interstate, the driver will not want to go 500 miles with an empty spot on his trailer unless that spot is paid for. If you have any further questions feel free to call our office, find out what makes us one of the top auto shipping companies in America.

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