Oregon Auto Transport

Oregon can be an easy state for you to arrange car shipping if you are in one of its major cities. Oregon is a state that has many small towns in remote locations away from its main cities. Part of the reason for this is the beautiful country, mountains, trees and other things that draws people to enjoy those locations. This becomes an issue to some degree when you are speaking about auto transport because often in the auto transport industry it is difficult to coordinate drivers to drive into remote locations like Bend, OR as an example. Bend is not a very small town, but because of it's location often it is required for a much smaller truck to go out there to load the car which there is normally an additional fee for. The same is true if you are going to have a car delivered to a similar location.

Oregon has two major interstates that cut through are Interstate 5 which runs North and South and Interstate 84 which runs east and west most of which runs along the river. Portland is the biggest city of the state, but it is not the capital. The capital of Oregon is approximately one hour south in a city called Salem.

Shipping south and north from Oregon to any of its neighboring states north or south is very easy because of the main interstate that connects them. In situations like this it is even simple to set up auto shipping from a town like San Diego to Grants Pass. The reason it isn't an issue in this situation is because the driver will have to travel through Grants Pass on his way to Portland or Seattle to finish his deliveries. Even though your car may offload a couple hundred miles before the cities to the north, you will still pay the same rate for your auto transport because the driver will have that spot empty on his truck typically until he finishes his deliveries.

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