South Dakota Auto Transport

Why choose American Auto Movers for auto transport to South Dakota? We take the stress out of handling all the logistics for you if you are going to the state of South Dakota or planning to leave! From our years of experience in the industry, we have learned what it takes to make car shipping go smooth and our reputation shows that we make every effort to keep our clients happy. Our company is setup to make the entire process be as smooth as possible for you from the time you setup your order until when we deliver the vehicle.

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore, one of the state's major tourist attractions located in the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore is a piece of artwork carved into the mountains that has the faces of several historical American presidents carved into it. This area is also of great religious importance to the Native American tribes that originally inhabited this area. Ranching and agriculture have been two of the economic staples of the state for years, however they have been working hard to diversify for long term stability.

Because South Dakota is a pass through state it is important that you plan ahead on setting up your auto transport and realize that the frequency of drivers going through the state is relatively low. Especially when you compare it to states like Florida or California who have literally hundreds of drivers in and out of the state daily.

Because the state has Interstate 90 running directly across the entire state, getting your car east or west along that route will generally be simple. However, it is important to note that if you are bringing something into South Dakota you will often pay the rate to the next major city because it is rare that the drivers are able to find other cars in the state and will not take a car that only pays the rate to South Dakota if they do not have a car from there to replace it for the rest of the trip. Keep this fact in mind when you are planning and make sure you have a reputable company handling you car transport so you are not left waiting for your vehicles.

Rapid City, South Dakota - Sioux Falls, South Dakota