Vermont Auto Transport

Are you moving out of The Green Mountain State or looking to ship a car there? Vermont is not as commonly traveled by car transport companies as its neighboring states to the south. This is important to know if you are planning to ship a car in or out of the state because it will be important that you stay flexible on the dates by leaving a several day window of when the car can be picked up or delivered. In any area that is more rural, like the majority of Vermont, flexibility is the name of the game. When you require specific days or times it greatly increases the overall costs because the availability is less to meet those requirements and typically a local carrier has to come and load the car which increases the overall fees. Another very important part to factor in when you are leaving or arriving into the state is the weather during the winter months. All of our drivers that travel through New England are experienced drivers in those conditions. Often the road conditions or the Department of Transport (DOT) will prohibit our car carriers to pass through because of the weight of the trucks and the danger they present on the road. These are all things to keep in mind when you are considering to hire us or any auto transport company. We like to take the approach at American Auto Movers of planning for worst case scenarios so that we can forecast unsuspected things and deliver a high quality service. Our reputation shows that we like to deliver what we promise. We can not stress enough that it is important to do your homework on the reputations of the companies you are considering prior to choosing them to handle your shipment.

Vermont was the first state to become part of the US outside of the original 13 colonies. They also were one of the few states to have a independent government prior to becoming part of the US. The state was given its name as a combination of the french words meaning green mountain from the French explorer who was stunned by the beauty of the green mountainous landscape of the state.

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