Virginia Auto Transport

Do you live in Virginia and are you looking for a car shipping service to bring your car to you? Virginia is a state that has a lot of drivers traveling through it, especially if your car is going to be moved on the north or south on I-95. While it's not normally a state known for having snowbirds, it is one of the states that all our drivers pass through during the season. This is something you can take advantage of if you are very flexible to the time in which your car is moved. If for example, you have a car in south Florida that you want, if you wait for winter, when the majority of cars are shipping south, you can get a deal going north. The reasoning behind this is that after drivers deliver their cars in Florida (and this would only apply during the winter months that snow birds are going south) the amount of cars going north is much less. Therefore it becomes a simple economics issue of supply and demand. This isn't to say it will be near free because the driver still needs to be compensated for his time and fuel, but it will be the cheapest time of year. The same is true for the other direction in the spring months when the majority of vehicles are going north.

Virginia is a state with a interesting history and it attracts a lot of tourism for that reason. Of course it close proximity to our Nation's capital also helps for tourism, but it was also the first permanent English colony that was established. Virginia was also the birth place of more presidents than any other state in the Union. This is possibly due to the fact that so many political families live in northern part of the state and enjoy rolling his and nice landscape. Richmond, in the southern part of the state is the state's capital and was also, for a short time, the capital of the Confederacy when they separated from the Union.

Regardless to if you need your car transported from or to Virginia, give us a call and explain what you need and let one of our representatives see what we can do to help you with your move and make it smooth and easy for you.

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